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Best Ways to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Marble Floors

Cleanliness of Marble Floors

Cleanliness is the first thing we should consider when we want to improve and beautify our homes. However, some people don’t realize that this is also something difficult to achieve, especially if you are that busy kind of person.

On the other hand, though some of us often try to have time to clean, most of our time these days is spent doing our jobs and other professional work. For that reason, we seemingly have no time to clean our houses. But let there be no problem. You can hire cleaning services instead. If you’re looking for floor cleaning services, find out more from Luce MG and be one of the individuals who becomes happy to have clean and shiny floors.

Cleaning our homes involves many things, from getting rid of spider webs on our ceilings or anywhere to scrubbing wall stains. Among these cleaning activities, floor cleaning is one of the most exhausting, especially cleaning marble floors. Hard stains and other dirt are not easy to remove from them, so you need a lot of time and effort to make them clean and shiny again. As a result, this article provides some advice on how to keep your marble floors clean.

Marble Floor Routine Cleaning

The first thing to remind yourself of is to mop up the spills immediately. Clean up the spills as soon as possible, especially if they are acidic. Acidic messes like fruit juices, sodas, or vinegar-based sauces can cause scratches even if the marble floor has a protective coating. Mud dirt should be removed as quickly as possible to avoid harming the marble due to ingrained grit. 

When cleaning solid particles and drying up liquid, use a moist microfiber towel. Avoid smearing the stain, as it will only make it worse. To avoid spots and slippery areas, give it a short wash with a clean, damp towel and then dry it well with another microfiber cloth.

The second one for routine cleaning is to trap the dust and dirt. The ideal tools for doing this on a marble floor are a dry dust mop or a disposable dry cloth. The mop should not be used with any kind of dusting spray as it may damage the floor. As a good practice, the marble floor can be dusted by the number of people in the house every week. Let’s say, for instance, there are four people in the house, then dust the floor four times a week.

Marble Floor Deep Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning is crucial for marble floors, especially if they are exposed more often to the environment, be it a person or dirt. It is recommended that marble floors be deep cleaned once a month or more frequently depending on their exposure. 

Below are the steps you should take for deep cleaning marble floors:

1. Wipe with a dry mop or disposable cloth.

2. Use a cleaning solution. Be careful about using these materials because they are harmful to the body. Make sure to read the instructions on their proper usage.

3. Using soap, mop the floor.Then rinse with a wet mop gradually to remove the soap.

4. Try other methods to remove hard stains if the first cleaning solution did not work.

5. Dry the floor with a soft, clean, and dry cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid any potential damage to the marble floors. Do this until the floor shines or until you are satisfied with how it looks.

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Other Tips on Keeping The Marble Floors Always Looking Good

Use only cleaning products, especially cleaning solutions, appropriate for marble floors. Apply them as recommended by the manufacturer. Never use abrasive or harsh cleaners among your cleaning materials.

Heavy items, such as wood furniture, should not be dragged across the floor because they can cause scratches or even severely damage the floor.

Follow the cleaning tips on a regular basis

For hundreds of years, marble flooring has signified simple but elegant beauty. Marble’s inherent beauty and color variations work well with a wide range of décor styles from previous generations until the present. While marble floors are highly durable, they do still need to be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis using the proper materials and tools to keep them looking their best and maintain them for a long time.

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