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Toilet Styles That Can Enhance The Look Of Any Bathroom

Toilet Styles

The bathroom might not be the most talked-about space of your house, but we must agree that it is an integral part of our home. They have necessary amenities like showers, sinks, and toilets. We might not think much about toilets, but they are an essential element. There are several options to choose from when it comes to toilets, and people tend to get overwhelmed.  

There are different elements to consider before you choose the suitable toilet for your bathroom :

  • Toilet Systems
  • Toilet Styles
  • Flush Styles

In this article, we will mainly talk about the different toilet styles available for you to choose for enhancing your bathroom. 

  1. One-Piece Toilet: These toilets are easy to install, and they can be maintained very easily as there are no inaccessible areas around them. The one-piece toilet system consists of the bowl, tank, and trapway fused together. They are small in size and perfect for bathrooms with limited space. The only con is that it is expensive, but considering the advantages, it is worth the money. 
  1. Two-piece toilet: It is the most common and popular toilet style. The toilet tank is separate from the trapway and toilet bowl, unlike the one-piece toilet where they were fused. They are hard to clean and sanitize as they have more nooks and crannies. But, they can last longer and are more affordable than a one-piece toilet. 
  1. Wall-Hung Toilets: These are stylish and modern but are not very common in residential places. They help save a lot of space as only the toilet bowl is visible, and the water tank is built into the wall. This design makes it efficient to clean. The wall-hung toilet are expensive and difficult to install. One can not install it without hiring a professional, so the overall cost of the wall-hung toilets increases. Also, they are expensive in terms of repair. 
  1. Back-To-Wall toilets: They are a contemporary style toilet choice. In this toilet style, the bowl is directly fixed to the wall, and the cistern is hidden within the wall of a piece of furniture. Their installation process is easy, and maintenance is simple and convenient. Also, they are cheaper than wall-hung toilets.
  1. High-Level Toilets: These toilets give a beautiful traditional look to the bathroom. These toilets have a cistern fitted to the wall above the toilet to an approximate height of 2 meters. These toilets have a long chrome flush pipe consisting of a long pull chain flush. This toilet system has a gravity flush where the water flows down the pipe. 
  1. Low-Level Toilet: These low-level toilets give a vintage look to your bathroom. The low-level toilet is fitted to a solid wall, and its cistern is fitted to a low level and connected with the pan by a chrome flush pipe. Its flush mechanism is operated using a lever of a classic design


We have discussed the different styles of toilets from which you can select the one which suits your bathroom based on your convenience and the look you want to give to your bathroom.

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