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The Main Points Of My Exam Experience Are As Follows:

Main Points of Exam

One Of The Ccnp Exam Experience: Exam Materials

I chose the CCNP study series published by People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House, but this set of books only has three books: “Building a Scalable Cisco Network”, “Building a Remote Access Network” and “Building a Cisco Multilayer Switching Network”. These books are translated strictly according to the English textbooks of Cisco’s official training, and the quality of translation is good, at least better than Microsoft’s Chinese textbooks.

However, this set of books lacks another subject “Cisco Internet Troubleshooting” which is required for the CCNP exam. There is no way, so I chose a copy of the SYBEX company’s Support exam guide from the Electronic Industry Press. (Actually, the support in CCNP is the same as the Internet troubleshooting), but this book is in English because I chose electronic when I passed CCNA. The industrial press photocopied the CCNA exam guide of SYBEX company, which is very helpful for my study. But I don’t know why People Post Publishing House didn’t publish “Cisco Internet Network Troubleshooting”, I hope it can be published as soon as possible so that we don’t need to go crazy with English books.

The Second Experience Of Ccnp Study And Exam, In The Arrangement Of Study Time

Because everyone’s reading efficiency is different, it is difficult to talk about a unified time. I insist on reading books every day. Because of the working relationship, the reading time is not very fixed each time, but I suggest that everyone should spend at least 1-2 hours a day. time to read books.

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The Third Experience Of Ccnp Study And Exam: Do Mock Test Questions

The exam mock questions I chose must be the famous SPOTO mock questions. The SPOTO mock questions feel similar to the CCNP exam questions, and even some of the questions seem to be more difficult than the ones I encountered in the exam.

The key to using mock questions is to discover the knowledge points that you have missed in reading the book. Because the questions of the CCNP exam are very detailed, the candidates should be very familiar with the content in the textbook. However, when we are reading books, we may inevitably miss knowledge points that are not very deep in our memory. This requires SPOTO’s simulation questions to help us test our mastery of knowledge points. According to the experience of everyone (the test-takers who took the CCNP test together), if you have a correct rate of more than 80% for the SPOTO mock questions, you can take the test boldly.

The Fourth Experience Of Ccnp Study And Exam Mock Test

The new version of CCNA and CCNP exams has added simulated test questions. Fortunately, I have the conditions for hands-on tests in the company. Therefore, this part is not a problem for me. The overall test is not difficult, but if you have not done the test, or have no contact with Cisco equipment, it still needs a lot of time, it is best to have a test environment for this part, if not, only use some software that simulates routers.

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