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Don’t Sell, Learn To Love Your Home Again With These Tips

Love Your Home

You do not have to sell your home just because the thrill of owning it is gone. As with any relationship, it might be possible to rekindle that old flame with a little effort. That is not to say that you should never sell your home. As with any relationship, it can come to a point where enough is enough. The real question is how to know when it is time to give up on it and when it is time to apply a little more effort.

Sometimes it’s an easy call. Something happens that causes so much damage to your home that it would cost more to restore than simply replace. Even that decision can be difficult if you have a lot of sentimental value wrapped up in the house. There are a number of decisions that go into deciding what your next move should be. Here are a few suggestions that will help you decide to stay where you are:

Find the Right Loan

You can check out a resource like Western Shamrock to learn about the various types of loans that are available to you. Many people will be surprised to learn that not all loans are the same. They believe it is just a matter of finding the lowest interest rate. Indeed, interest rate is a very important factor. But it is far from the only one. As always, you need to do your due diligence and be sure you have the loan that is right for your situation.

If you absolutely cannot find the money to restore your home to a satisfactory level, then selling is always an option. But don’t feel like that is your only option. Many companies offer loans to people with less than perfect credit. One of the most effective things you can do to fall in love with your home again is to get a loan and remodel those areas that are causing you so much grief. It will feel like you are in a new house because, in a sense, it will be a new house.


You don’t have to be a decorator to gain inspiration from the top ideas for decorating your home. You just need a little money and a few friends to make your home feel completely new. Everything looks better when it has a fresh coat of paint. High-quality paint is quite inexpensive and it requires only moderate skill to do a surprisingly good job. There is also a good chance that you have a friend who has participated in painting a room. They might be willing to help for little more than a few slices of pizza.

Once you find your color, you can start applying accent pieces like wall art, rugs, and floating shelves. You would be amazed at what a unique floor lamp can do to completely change your space. Those little decor opportunities can make all the difference.

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Change the Flow

Sometimes, the problem with your home is not the size of the space, but the flow. What do you see when you enter the front door? Is there a coffee table forcing you to reroute? Has the whole house become the play area for the kids?

You don’t have to call an expensive service to do the work. There are painless ways to declutter and regain flow and function. You are not actually required to have a coffee table. If you have one, it does not have to sit in the middle of the floor. It might be better placed against a wall and doing something more useful than holding a cup of coffee. 

If you are running out of horizontal space in a room, go vertical. Let tall shelves do the work that once was being done by valuable floor space. A bigger house won’t solve the underlying problem. Most people just get more and bigger junk to fill the new space. Instead, you have to decide what purpose each space should serve and stop forcing it to be a general purpose catchall. 

These are the sorts of things that can keep you in your old home while gaining that new home feeling. Finding the right loan, redecorating, and changing the flow and function of your space can turn your tired old home into a generational treasure.

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