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Top Ideas to Decorating Your Home This Fall

Ideas to Decorating Your Home

Fall is the season when we transition to colder months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your home’s interior design to achieve warmth, coziness, and luxury. In this article, we offer useful tips on how you can decorate your home this fall. Read on to learn more!

Buy a Good Rug 

A good area room rug is an excellent and easy way to add color, texture, and warmth to any room. Buy a versatile and easily changeable rug to soften tiled, stone, or timber floors. You can also layer it onto soft floors to define zones or add visual interest to the space.  

If you can only add one item to your fall decor, choose a good rug. As many well-seasoned designers say, it’s a piece of art for your floor. 

Decorate Using Brown Colors 

Brown is the color of fall, so use it. Opt for restrained palettes to emulate being close to nature. Use soft, neutral colors of fossil tones, raw materials, and natural elements. For example, use earthy browns and clay putty tones for linens, and contrast them with textures of cotton. 

Update Your Table 

You can create the fall ambiance in your dining room, kitchen, or in another area if you know how to update your table to fit the season. Of course, it helps if you already have the right table for all seasons — check out Anne Quinn Furniture for examples

You can also add simple fall decor for your kitchen or coffee table, such as: 

  • Centerpiece: consider fall centerpieces, such as decorative gourds and fall flowers in a vase.
  • Glassware: find glasses that have fall colors or cups painted with fall patterns. If you want, set glassware aside and replace them with earthen, wooden cups. 
  • Plates: off-white plates that match the darker hues of fall colors are better than bright white ones. You can also choose between patterned plates or simpler ones. 
  • Tablecloths: replace your regular tablecloths with fitting linens for fall. Your napkins should also complement whatever is on your tabletop. 

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Use General Decorations, Too 

Achieve that fall-ready atmosphere by using simple decorations that reinforce the feeling of autumn. Consider: 

  • Candles: fall has darker days, and candles are a perfect complement to your fall-themed decor. Use scented types that fit the season, such as evergreen or pumpkin spice. As much as possible, candlesticks and holders should match the fall color scheme, too. 
  • Floral Arrangements: the muted colors of fall flowers are perfect — these include magnolias, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and chrysanthemums. Opt for rusty yellows and oranges. You can even hang a fall wreath at your door. 
  • Decorative Gourds: gourd color palette is essentially the color of the fall season. Consider using decorative gourds — place butternut squash (real or artificial) or other gourds around the house. 
  • Throw Blankets: blankets are perfect for achieving both comfort and aesthetics. Muted plaid patterns or rust-colored blankets fit right in the fall color scheme. 
  • Throw Pillows: similar to throw blankets, throw pillows offer comfort and beauty. Plus, you can place them in your living room and bedroom. They can also be used throughout other seasons. 

Create a Sepia Gallery Wall

Update your accent or gallery wall and favor a sepia color scheme. This gentle color scheme provides sophistication and elegance in any area of your house. It’s a perfect go-to design if you want to paint the wall a color that goes with any other colors in your house — even during other seasons. 

Create an eclectic rust-colored gallery wall and fill it with fall-related photos and art. You can combine it with other types of decorations with ease and style.

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