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Lighting Design Secrets For Your Business – How To Make The Most Of Your Space

Lighting Design

Lighting plays a significant role in creating the perfect ambiance for your business, and it is essential to have a well-designed illumination plan. It can affect the way your clients perceive your company, and it can have a significant impact on productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of the amount of light in your space and its effect on the look and feel of your business. From ensuring you have adequate lighting to adding accent lights to create a specific atmosphere, there are many things you can do to make the most of your space.

Types Of Business Locations


When it comes to lighting for work, the choice largely depends on personal preferences and the nature of the work. It is important to note that different people may have different needs when it comes to illumination. While some may prefer brighter lights that energize them, others may prefer softer lighting that helps them relax and focus.

Shop Or Retail Store

Linear, track, and channel lighting can be used in commercial buildings that house multiple shops to draw attention to the items being sold. Additionally, these lighting techniques can create a more modern and visually pleasing atmosphere, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging them to stay longer in the shop.

Gym & Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers need high-performing and efficient lighting systems throughout their facilities. With an optimized LED lighting system, gyms can provide members with what they need to perform better in every facility area.

Recording Studio

Lighting can enhance the creative and inspiring atmosphere in a recording studio. Different types of lights, such as strips, smart, portable, ceiling, and blue or red lights, can be selected to help set the mood for music creation and recording. Descriptors like dark, dreamy, uplifting, and dim are often used to describe the mood in music and lighting. The right setting can help musicians get the right mindset for their work.

Art-Gallery & Museum

In order to create the ideal viewing experience for visitors to art galleries and museums, the proper lighting must be designed specifically to show off each piece’s details. It is especially crucial for artwork, which often contains intricate and nuanced details that are easily missed without adequate exposure.

Restaurant & Cafe & Bar

Restaurants and cafes often create a cozy and calm atmosphere by incorporating round ceilings and linear lights to make a positive first impression on customers. In contrast, bars use subdued lighting with LED strips of different colors to create a more intimate setting.

Lighting Design Secrets For Your Business

LED Lights

Although LED lights may have higher initial costs, they are more energy-efficient. They have longer lifespans than traditional light bulbs. Opting for energy-saving options like LEDs can lead to cost savings in the long term and improve the building’s sustainability rating.

Dimmable Light

Dimming allows you to adjust the atmosphere of a space. It can improve the comfort and productivity of employees while reducing energy usage and cost. LED fixtures with dimming-capable drivers can be combined with dimmer controllers to provide impressive lighting control. Lighting control systems have many benefits, such as saving energy and creating the right mood in an area. Dimming options in the control system can help reduce light intensity when necessary.

Different Lighting Techniques

The following are different methods and techniques that can be used to create a particular atmosphere:

  • Up-Lighting: illuminating fixtures on the ground that aim upward.
  • Down lighting: lighting fixtures pointed downward and placed on trees and walls.
  • Wall Grazing: Light sources are placed close to the wall, highlighting shadows and illuminating the wall’s texture.
  • Wall Washing: lighting sources close to a vertical surface illuminating it softly.
  • Spotlight: this technique allows you to focus light on a particular object or area so its surroundings brightly illuminate it.
  • Perimeter & Cove Lighting: An illumination method used to brighten the dimensions of a room, creating the illusion that it is bigger than it is.

One Lighting Supply Company

Using the same fixtures in your commercial premises ensures a consistent look and style. Therefore, it is advisable to source fixtures from a lighting supply company that can provide various options to ensure the best fit for your space.

Color Temperature

Consistent color temperatures are essential for creating a cohesive design and ambiance. When lit, the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) measures a lamp’s color appearance. It is based on the color of the light emitted. CCT is measured in Kelvin (K) and is classified into three categories: warm, neutral, and cool. According to ConTech lighting, warm white (below 3000K) enhances reds and oranges while dulling blues and adding a yellow tint to whites and greens. Neutral white (3000K – 3500K) enhances most colors equally and does not emphasize yellow or blue. Cool white (above 3500K) is bluish-white, which enhances blues and dulls reds and imparts a bluish tint to whites and greens.


The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how well a light source renders the colors of objects compared to a reference light source. A palette of specific reference colors is used. Each R-value calculation is the difference between each color sample illuminated by the test light source and the reference source. The group of samples is averaged, and a score between 0 and 100 is calculated, with 100 being the best match between light sources. A higher CRI leads to more natural colors. For products to be presented in a true-to-life way, which increases visual comfort, a CRI value of 80 – 100 is recommended.


A well-designed illuminance plan can enhance the atmosphere and productivity of your business. Consider the specific needs of your location, such as an office or retail store, and explore different methods and techniques to create the desired ambiance. Opting for LED lights and dimmable options can save costs and improve sustainability. Consistent color temperature and CRI values can create a cohesive design throughout your space.

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