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Felicitous lighting designs for your lounge

Felicitous lighting designs for your lounge

Whenever somebody mentions a lounge, all you can think about is a relaxed atmosphere with a hint of moodiness. Now, recreating that same thought in your lounge with your lighting and your decor can be quite tricky. You need to work on a number of things like getting the ambience right and making sure the lighting fixtures complement the natural light coming into the room if at all there’s an outlet for that. 

You don’t have to sweat it out to get it all right as we bring to you the best lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company to lighten up and energize your lounge area. 

Lavish and efficient chandeliers and pendant lights to set the right tone

At The White Teak, our creations are not just about adding an opulent touch to your living space, they also top with the efficiency quotient and can easily blend into any kind of atmosphere, mood and decor. Our foremost recommendation for the lounge area is a beautiful chandelier called Written in the Stars. This incredible piece with a glossy gold base and glass shades complement the natural light in your lounge just perfectly. If you are a big fan of contemporary and modern designs, then you can go for one of our bestselling pieces, You Do You. This beauty comes with dimmable LED to suit all your moods and occasions. And if you’re not a chandelier-person then go ahead with this wonderful pendant light called Positive Energy and just like its name, it can accentuate the aura of your room in an instant. 

Opulent table lamps to enhance the ambience

Table lamps are literally the best pieces of secondary lighting to achieve perfect illumination in the lounge area. Even when lit up alone, table lamps can perfectly create a sombre atmosphere in your lounge. Now, if you’re always looking for that edge in your lighting and decor, then we recommend going with this amazing piece called Burnt Spice. Contemporary design, highly efficient, design that’s easy on the eyes and a smart LED bulb to customize the atmosphere, this definitely becomes a must-buy for your living space. And if you’re looking for something conventional with a touch of luxury, then Falling For You Again is the table lamp for you. Boasting double shades, a gold-finished base embellished with crystals, this lamp is a treat to your eyes. 

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Other lighting fixtures to accentuate the aura  

While chandeliers, pendant lights and table lamps help create the perfect ambience for your lounge, there are a few other fixtures that can add to the setting and lend stronger energy to the place. You can always browse through our extensive collection but here are a few picks from designers themselves. Legacy is a charming wall light that can be added to the lounge as a good task light. If you have an extremely functional spot in the lounge and you are a multitasker, then Legacy is just perfect for you. Floor lamps are easy on the eyes too and can be used to create a layered lighting effect in your lounge. A lot to Unpack is our pick without a second thought. Unconventional design with an opulent touch along with dimmable LED make it a must-buy.

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