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Lawn Fertilizer Application Techniques: Which One is Best for Your Garden?

Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a must-have when you are tending to a garden. No matter what you choose to plant, whether flowers and bulbs, edible plants, or specialty grass, you will need to feed it something to keep it well-supported. There are a wider variety of types of fertilizer, and different plants have very different requirements to keep them healthy.

Depending on the type of garden you want to plant will depend on the type of lawn fertilizer or garden fertilizer you use. Just as there are different types of fertilizers, there are also different ways to get the product to your plants for the best results. Take a look at some of the more common techniques below.


Broadcasting is probably the first technique that comes to mind when anyone imagines someone fertilizing their lawn. They often imagine someone loading the green plastic seed spreader and walking up and down their property in evenly spaced lines. That is exactly how broadcasting works, and it is typically done using dry lawn fertilizer or very small pellets.  Broadcasting fertilizer helps to ensure a fairly even distribution over a large area.

Foliar Application

Foliar applications are usually done with liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers are diluted in a spray bottle and sprayed directly onto the plants that you intend to fertilize. This can be helpful when you have particularly needy plants. When the broad method isn’t enough, sometimes a more direct approach is the way to get your plants into good shape.

Localized Placement

Localized placement is done by adding your fertilizer to the area when you place the seeds. This is something that is done in anticipation of the needs of the garden that you are planting. This type of fertilizer method is great for giving your new plants a healthy and nutrient-dense place to grow as they spread their roots in new areas. It is also a good way to keep your plants in particular fertilization zones. Grouping your plants based on similar growing needs is a good way to keep maintenance in check.

Pellet Application

Pellet application is a very direct approach. It allows you to place a concentrated amount of lawn fertilizer or garden fertilizer in a specific location. This is a two-fold benefit: you ultimately have less ground to cover and don’t lose as much product to weeds. Covering a full area with fertilizer also provides any weeds that happen to be sneaking through your garden with fuel. Placing your fertilizer closer to the plants you want to care for will allow you to control how much goes where, and you can pull any straggling weeds as you go.

Find The Right Fit

Gardens are a beautiful wonder on their own. They can be any plant, grass, berry, flower, or tree that your mind can dream up. Because of this, they all have very different needs. Changing fertilization techniques amongst the areas of your garden will help you cater to the needs of your various plants, keeping your garden looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

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