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Last-minute Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mums-to-be

Baby Shower Gift

Baby showers are a lot of fun, especially for the first-timers, and they sure deserve amazing yet thoughtful gifts from their loved ones. There are plenty of options for the most adorable yet practical gifts out there for you to get a hold of.

A good, thoughtful gift will put a smile on to-be-mama’s face. But when you are a procrastinator, you might have often found yourself with slim pickings a time or two.

If you love gift-giving and want the new to-be-mama to know that you care for her and the baby, one wrong move can get on your nerves. So we help you around this and help you make everything go as planned. 

A guiding light to help welcome the new baby is everything to the expectant moms. Here is a rundown of ideas to strike you with a good one and understand where every gift-giver starts their journey.

Follow this complete buying guide and mix and match the best baby shower gifts to make to-be-mama’s day. Be prepared for all the appreciation during gift reveal time.

1. Crinkle toys

Crinkle toys as a gift may seem shabby but getting them for a newborn is kind of practical; this buys the new mommy some time back in her life. They are the best deal when you want to entertain babies for long enough, and moms are out finishing chores, taking a shower, or enjoying their morning coffee. These toys are also great for a baby’s development.

Stock your mom friend up with a variety of crinkle toys, and she couldn’t be more thankful to you, we promise.

2. Baby-friendly cleaning supplies

Gifting cleaning supplies might sound boring to some, but that is a very practical gift that parents with a new baby will only be happy to have. Make a list take in baby-friendly dish soap, toy wipes, and clothing stain removal products to help them big time. These products are so underrated as a gift but rather make for a very thoughtful gift.

3. Bandana bibs

The toddler’s teeth will soon start to sprout before you know it. With that comes all the gobs of drool and soaking of the toddler’s chest area. Help make the baby the trendiest cutie in the playpen with the bandana bibs. They make for a practically thoughtful gift as they will not only keep the babies dry but would also help the parents avoid loads of extra drool soaked laundry. Opt for a set of bandana bibs that come with snaps over velcro, as that will be another burdensome job for parents for wrangling their baby to keep putting them back on.

4. Swaddle Wraps and blankies

Fabrics as soft as 100% cotton add to the snugginess for the little ones to wrap around. They are essential for babies. Check out baby’s jersey wraps by Perfect Little Bundles; they are perfectly sized, stretchy wraps for the babies, making them perfect for swaddling. They can even be used as an extra layer in the pram and even as a mat while being fed.

5. Soft and plush toys

Gift a snuggly companion for the baby to your loved one’s baby shower. It is a quintessential add-on for the little one to play with and keep them active for hours. Help fill up the newborn’s toybox with plush toys to snuggle with.

Swaddle Wraps and blankies

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6. Nappy cake

Unisex nappy cakes make another thoughtful gift. Nappy cakes are those baby gift hampers consisting of nappies and other essential baby accessories. These items do not involve anything edible, but they contain all the essentials that come in handy for the new parents, whether it be nappies, accessories or toys. They are accumulated to form the shape of a tiered cake.

Browse through Perfect Little Bundles, for we have got you covered with a range of different nappy cakes with a friendly face and adorable packaging. Our nappy cakes include singlets for everyday wear, bibs, socks, and wraps to keep the baby snug and warm.

Nappy cake

7. Teether

Teethers would make another thoughtful gift for the newborn, a well-gripped toy for the tiny, clutched hands. Teethers will likely act like training toothbrushes and make the baby used to the sensation of brushing. Pick out the soft, bendable, dishwasher safe materials.

Perfect Little Bundles sells natural teething rings made from beech wood to soothe irritated little gums. The toddler’s tiny hands will be able to hold onto the ring, which is also great for the development of hand and eye coordination. Our teething ring is non-toxic and chemical-free.

In a Nutshell

So now, when your loved one announces the news of a baby shower, you won’t have to panic. People often would still opt for the simple route and pick something off the couple’s registry, which is also okay. But if it is someone closer to you, you want to go that extra mile for them and find something helpful for the newborn. These last-minute gift ideas will definitely play an ally for you but don’t stop there, browse our collection of baby gift hampers, nappy cakes, plush toys and much more.

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