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All You Need to Know About Valentine’s Week List 2023

Valentine's Day

Celebrated globally on 14th February, this day is a symbol of love. It has special days to celebrate different aspects of a relationship. Starting with Rose Day, it will be a week long celebration before the final V-Day which is celebrated by gifting cute and joyous gifts, chocolates and roses. If you are confused about the Valentine week list, here is the list of Valentine week days so that you can plab each day with all the love you have for them

Rose Day (7th February)

Everything that starts with a rose lasts forever. You can gift red or pink roses to your loved ones. If they like yellow roses then you can give that too. But a yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. So think about it before you give a gift! Get a bouquet of pink or red roses or just one for your lady love. Remember, your effort does not count the number of roses! Here are some roses and their symbols. 

Red rose – a symbol of love and affection.

Yellow rose – a symbol of friendship.

Pink rose – a symbol of admiration.

White rose – a symbol of commitment and marriage.

Send any color that you wish to convey your loved ones.

Propose Day (8th February)

Propose Day celebrated on 8 February is for all kinds of proposals. Today is the day to express your love to your crush. If you are planning to propose, make it a special event by planning a perfect date with gifts, Valentine cake, flowers and a date that he/she will remember forever.

Chocolate Day (9th February)

All you need is love. But a little chocolate doesn’t hurt from time to time. Chocolate Day, which is the third day of Valentine’s Week, gives you a chance to combine the two! On this day lovers give each other chocolates to symbolize sweetness in their relationship and celebrate their love. Make it a special one for your loved ones and get a chance to impress them.

Teddy Day(10th February)

Soft toys are fluffy, cute and so adorable! There is definitely one thing about a teddy bear

that brings a smile to your face, especially when your boyfriend gives you a gift with ared heart in the middle. Your significant other will definitely feel loved and special to receive plushy teddy day gifts from you. It also symbolizes your childhood memories. It will give you that nostalgia you have been craving for so long! Cute and cuddly teddies are the best Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved.

Promise Day (11th February)

The fifth day of Valentines Week List 2020 is all about promises! Promise your partner that he will be there for them at their highest as well as their lowest! When we are in love and give our heart to someone who means the most to us, it is all about renewing the vows taken in love. On this day lovers promise to be in love with each other till their last breath until death separates them. It shows that lovers are so dedicated to being a constant source of love and support for each other. Make it all the more special by sending them a promissory note with a bouquet and chocolates!

Hug Day (12th February)

Celebrated on February 12, Hug Day offers a warm, beautiful expression of love – a comforting embrace that speaks more than words. A hug makes all your problems go away for those few minutes, so go ahead, give your loved one a gentle hug, tell him they are loved forever

Kiss Day (13th February )

Kissing is a romantic gesture that best expresses the feelings of love and romance. Hence, to mark this day falling in Valentine’s Week, couples kiss each other as a gift of their endless love.

Valentine’s Day (14th February )

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of love in the complete valentine list. On this day people all over the world express love and romance by spending quality time with their partner. Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, couples around the world celebrate this day together in romantic cafes, movie dates and more. Celebrate the season of love with a special dinner with some wine and flowers. 

Make each day special for your special one and let your love bloom forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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