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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Show Your Love with Sleeper

Show Your Love with Sleeper

Christmas and New Year went away in a blink of an eye, and January has already ended. That means that a big date – February 14 – is right around the corner. The beautiful celebration of love in all its forms. Wait, have you started looking for a present yet? If not, don’t worry too much, Sleeper is a mastermind of the best presents, and Valentine’s Day gifts are no exception. This Ukrainian brand, established in 2014, has already mesmerized us with its incredible selection of Christmas gift ideas, so don’t even worry about not finding anything. Sleeper always has everything for everyone, even for the pickiest of us!

If you search for Valentine’s Day gifts, you will instantly notice the variety of choices that the brand has to offer. And it doesn’t matter whom you are planning to present to your spouse, your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner – Sleeper’s gifts will leave them happy. And even if you don’t have that special someone to confess your love to, share those feelings with yourself! Sleeper is a brand that tries to spread self-love through every piece of clothing they make, so browse through the presented list and treat yourself to something special this Valentine’s Day. You deserve to feel comfortable, fashionable and loved. Let’s find out together what Sleeper pieces will give you the most happiness on the 14th of February this year.

A Button-Up Linen Shirt or Unisex Pajama Pants? All of This and Even More!

Launched by Asya Varetsa and Katya Zubarieva, Sleeper has never failed to fulfill its standards in terms of variety. Having started with only 24 black and white pajamas, young entrepreneurs exceeded not only their customers’ expectations but also their own. Since their launch, they have introduced numerous collections, including:

  • Party Collection
  • The most gorgeous and practical Bridal Collection
  • Vacation Styles, and many others!

Now, it’s hard to imagine that with this kind of variety, you won’t find something for yourself. So, what does Sleeper have to offer for this year’s celebration of love and romance? 

First of all, if you were thinking of getting just a matching set of unisex pajama pants – forget about that! Sleeper has much more to offer. Let’s start with their incredible linen unisex styles. If you have an idea of getting something matching, don’t give up on it. After all, Sleeper got suitable options for all genders. If you like something tender, check out their Unisex Cream Linen Pajama Set, which comes along with shorts as well as pants. There is also a chance to get a set with unisex pajama pants on paperwhite if you want to add more soft tones to the wardrobe. However, if you wish to go for some deeper and darker tones, they got the same set in a navy color option! Alias, if you can’t decide which one to get for your couple, just pick them both and be in contrast to your partner. Besides, that decision gives you an extra opportunity to mix & match! Sleeper also introduced linen relax style pajamas in navy, cream, paperwhite, lavender, and azure color options, which will certainly add diversity to your regular style.

Is There Something Else on the List?

Of course, there is! Besides numerous sets, the Sleeper’s Valentine’s Day gifts list also features a collection of shearling slippers! Thus, you can pick a pair of soft and comfortable shoes to match your recently bought cream pajamas. For example, you can go for Brown Shearling Slippers for a more soft styling scheme, or you can choose to add fun, colorful accents with lavender, or yellow or slippers. Moreover, you’d be surprised to learn that this exquisite shoe collection has been the first style through which Sleeper successfully channeled one of their favorite aesthetics – 90s ’90s vibes.

red slippers

However, as the brand moved on, its founders, Kate and Asya, introduced even more footwear options. They have also added men’s shearling slippers, which come in brown and black colors. They have also played around with the styles. One of them has been called Lulu and it can now be found on the gift list. Warm and cozy, the Lulu slippers won’t leave you half-hearted. Just look at those fluffy colorful options: brown, blue, cream, red slippers! They can be a great bright addition to your look! Moreover, what screams more “Valentine’s Day” than a pair of shearling red slippers? Bought either for yourself or your loved one, these shoes will only bring style and happiness not only to your February 14 celebration but to any other day.

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Sleeper – A Brand of Love

You may wonder, why you should choose Sleeper in the first place? We’ve got that figured out for you. Sleeper is a brand that has beliefs. Kate and Asya made sure that those beliefs are rooted in love. Love towards the environment, fashion and style, comfort and versatility, and, more importantly, love towards yourself. And these core principles are shown through their work. 

Sleeper values sustainability, thus using 100% natural, biodegradable linen and other eco-friendly materials that are breathable and compatible with all skin types. Their most professional seamstresses work on every clothing piece by hand, so every seam and stitch is in place creating a perfect silhouette for your figure. That’s why Sleeper’s designs will suit anybody who wears it – they are made with extra care. Moreover, as Sleeper values practicality, their pieces will last and look fashionable, not one, and not even two seasons. Buying from this brand is an actual long-lasting investment into your style and wardrobe. Behind those pajama sets, shearling slippers and linen dresses stand practicality, style, and pure comfort. So, if you want to show yourself or your loved ones how much you care, you can dive deeper into that Valentine’s gift list and find what you’ve been looking for – a representation of love.

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