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Kirah Ominique: Know Her Personal Life, Stats, Profession, Hobbies, Net Worth, And Much More

Kirah Ominique Biography

Kirah Ominique Early Life

Kirah Ominique was born on 24th February, 199 in America. However, her ancestors have African-American ethnicity. The YouTube star doesn’t share much about her personal family. She is pretty introverted by nature. There’s not much information available on the Internet about her parents.

However, right from childhood, Kirah Ominique was quite attracted to the beauty and makeup industry. Being from an affluent family, she never had to face any kind of problems. In fact, her demands were always fulfilled by her parents. They helped her a lot to pursue her goal to become a well-known makeup and beauty artist.

When it comes to her siblings, Kirah Ominique has one twin sister. In May 2019 she gave her a makeover out of curiosity and being a makeup artist. Apart from the family, Kirah Ominique’s boyfriend’s name is Cinmeon Bowers.

Kirah Ominique Education

Kirah Ominique’s education qualifications and certifications have not been revealed on the Internet. However, she has successfully completed high school. However, the name of the college is still unknown.

Kirah Ominique Career

Kirah Ominique Career

Kirah Ominique has always been fascinated by makeup, beauty, and social media. Hence, right in childhood, she decided to shape her career in beauty, makeup, or social media. Due to her great passion and commitment, she finally started her YouTube channel on March 29, 2014.

Her debut video was titled ‘Simple Glam Makeup-Pretty Girls Love Trap Music Edition released on February 14, 2018. It received a lot of love from her fans and YouTube viewers. In fact, it helped her to make more videos. Audiences gave her video a good response and positive feedback.

After her first video, Kirah Ominique started making multiple videos on makeup, beauty tips, and lifestyle categories. She tasted a lot of success right in the beginning. With every video, she started building her audiences from different age groups which helped her to garner a good number of views on every single video.

In fact, she started making vlogs in her daily routine and garnered attention from the audience. Within a short time period, she made thousands of followers, subscribers, and fans.

Her many videos reached millions of views. For instance, her Skincare Routine 2020 titled video has over 3.2 million views on YouTube. It was uploaded way back in June 2020. In fact, it’s the most-viewed and popular video on her channel.

Seeing the surge in views and popularity, she is now a consistent YouTuber who uploads at least two videos per week on the channel.

How Has She Become An Instant Youtube Sensation?

Kirah Ominique Dominique is blessed with a curvaceous body. She is pretty voluptuous, gorgeous, and a fashionista. She knows how to wear fashionable clothes and catch everyone’s attention. In fact, she had undergone a Brazilian Butt Lift recently. She documented the entire surgery and the recovery process on her channel.

After her surgery, she started uploading provocative and glamorous videos on her channel. One of her videos titled, Dressing like a stripper for 24 hours has garnered a lot of views on her channel. Another video that is equally doing well is titled ‘Trying to live on $1 for a day.

Due to her interesting and provocative videos, she has now over 350,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She also promotes and recommends various beauty brands and their products on her YouTube channel. Some of the brands that she promotes are La Roche-Posay. She recently made a video on its oil-free sunscreen.

Kirah Ominique also shares a lot about her routine, beauty products, and a regime that she follows on a daily basis to inspire and help her audience.

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Kirah Ominique’s Social Accounts

She is quite active on her Instagram account. In fact, she keeps sharing her makeup and beauty tips on Instagram. She makes interesting reels as well. Recently she posted her luxury collection from top designers, including Coach, Christian Dior, etc.

Kirah Ominique’s Social Accounts

She also does promotions for a versatile range of clothing products, including clothes, swimwear, and other products. She gets a lot of endorsements from various brands.

Currently, Kirah Ominique has over 320,000 followers on Instagram. She earns a good amount of money for each post shared by the brands. Her Instagram engagement rate is also quite impressive,i.e, 15.35%. Keeping in mind her impressive engagement rate and organic followers, her fee request for sponsorships is likely to be around $1278.75.

However, a major portion of her income comes from her YouTube channel.

Kirah Ominique’s Net Worth

Considering her growing popularity on YouTube and Instagram, Kirah Ominique net worth is likely to be increasing with each passing day. At present, her net worth falls between $150,000 and $250,000. It is calculated on the basis of revenue generation through her YouTube, Instagram, and brand endorsements.

Some Interesting Facts About Kirah Ominique

  • She acts as a source of inspiration for many young girls. She literally translated her passion into a profitable career.
  • She is 163cm tall.
  • Her weight is 55kg.
  • As per the rumors, Kirah Ominique’s boyfriend’s name is Cinmeon.
  • As per the reports, Kirah Ominique’s age is 23 years.
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