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Who Is Melissa Esplana? Interesting Things About Dusty Baker’s Wife

Melissa Esplana Biography

If we look at Melissa Esplana Nationality and Melissa Esplana’s age then she is an American celeb born on February 21, 1961, in San Francisco USA. Her real and full name is Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta. In the year 2022, Melissa Esplana’s age is 61 years old. According to astrology, her birth sun sign is Pisces. Her lucky color is Sea green and her lucky stone is Aquamarine.

Being of a different race, she belongs to the white race. She has been capable of holding American nationality. She is known for the devoted living of her husband and loving mother and is also an extrovert.

Melissa Esplana: Earlier Life

Melissa Esplana was grown with her family’s support and care. She has been expanding her time in her childhood. She is officially known by her husband who is a well-known American baseball manager Dusty Baker. Since her childhood, she has been keeping supportive parents.

She is pretty secretive about her private life and she has never said her early life on any public sites. Grace has been very confident about her personal life which is why there is no detail about her earlier life information. Melissa Esplana might be concentrating on her career in her primary professional subject and never mentions any facts about her.

Qualification And Schooling

Fiesta has been competent to enlighten with her family’s support and care. Melissa Esplana has terminated her schooling near her hometown in a Neighborhood school. She has been a hardworking and respectful student since her childhood which is why her teacher also adores her. After finishing schooling at a community school, Melissa Esplana enrolled in a local university where Melissa Esplana hasn’t mentioned any details about the university.

Melissa Esplana finished her education in English literature after schooling. She might be concentrating on her career as a Socialite and also got slammed by some social workers during her childhood. Melissa Esplana is very enthusiastic about her dream and career and she has been able to graduate in her main subject.

Dusty Baker’s wife’s Professional Career

It is indefinite what Melissa Esplana does for a living. However, Melissa Esplana’s husband holds a business called Baker Family Winery. He began the company in 2012. Similarly, many journals claim Melissa Esplana is a homemaker and socialite. 

Who is Melissa Esplana’s husband?

Melissa Esplana's husband

The celebrity’s wife, Melissa Esplana, is merrily married. Melissa Esplana married Johnnie Baker (Dusty Baker), an ex-American proficient baseball player. Presently, Melissa’s husband is working as a manager for the professional baseball team named Houston Astros. Melissa wedded his husband as her second wife on November 27, 1994. Therefore, the couple has been married for 27 years without any divorce, gossip, controversies, etc.

Formerly, Johnie married Alice Lee Washington, with whom he shares a daughter whose name is Natosha Lichon Baker. Her daughter “Natosha” was born in September 1979, and she is a professional graphic designer. Moreover, Melissa and Johnnie share one son named Darren Baker, an emerging ground Washington Nationals. Melissa Esplana and his husband greeted their son on February 11, 1999. In aggregate, Melissa Esplana’s husband has two children as of 2021.

What is Melissa Esplana Net Worth?

Since Melissa Esplana has not provided details about her career to the public, there is no news about her net worth. And no other citations have been posted regarding her professional career and net worth and are still under review. Yet, Melissa Esplana’s husband Dusty has a calculated net worth of $20 million, from which he is living a quality life with his family now.

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Is Melissa Active On Her Social Media Sites?

Likewise, information about MLB player Dusty Baker’s wife Melissa Fiesta was entirely away from social media sites. Melissa Esplana does not create any account on any platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


  • Melissa Esplana favors keeping her personal information out of social media sites so that she has not created any profile head on any sites.
  • Melissa Esplana might be engaged in her life being a loving wife and devoted mother 
  • Melissa Esplana hasn’t been concerned with any social sites nor is her husband Dusty Baker not busy with social sites.

Let’s Talk About Melissa’s Physical Appearance

  • Melissa Esplana has got a cubby and a good-looking charming face. 
  • Melissa Esplana looks physically healthy and fits with her body shape and size. 
  • Probably Melissa Esplana has gained some weight where her actual weight is 60kg. 
  • Melissa Esplana doesn’t look much taller but her height is 5 feet 2 inches.
  • Melissa Esplana’s height and weight match her body completely whereas the fiesta has dark brown hair and brown eyes. 
  • Melissa Esplana has maintained herself far away from the public eye which is why there isn’t any detail about her.

Leading Rumors about Melissa Esplana

Melissa Esplana has not been engaged in any gossip to date. As we came to hear too much buzz about other celebrities but till 2022 Melissa has never been affected by any rumors. Furthermore, Melissa Esplana’s past relationship hasn’t been cited on any social media site which is why she is a rumors-free character.

But on November 27, 1994, Melissa Esplana got married to well-known American baseball manager Dusty Baker. She has never been in rumors but before she married, got in connection with a man but they got divorced for some reason. But now she is living a comfortable life with her husband.

Does She Have A Child?

Melissa Esplana Welcomed her Son Darren with Dusty Baker

Melissa Esplana's son

A celebrity’s wife Melissa Esplana and a prominent Baseball manager got married on the date of 27th November 1994. After some years of togetherness, they have a baby boy Darren Baker who was born on February 11, 1999. He has been living with his parents and living a luxurious life. As Melissa is secretive about her life which is why she hasn’t cited any information about her son Darren Baker on any social sites. Esplana prefers to stay far away from public platforms to date.

He has pursued his father’s footprint. Moreover, Darren is famous for being rescued from being run over by Jack Thomas Snow Jr. during the 2002 World Series. Nowadays, Darren is all grown up and presently plays baseball for the California Golden Bears as an infielder. Moreover, he regards his father as the most amazing inspiration. Moreover, Darren is active on social media and doesn’t hesitate to speak about his love for his father. Likewise, Dusty Baker’s daughter Natosha has kept her personal life away from the media.

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Melissa Esplana Attending Her Husband’s Several Events

Dusty Baker’s spouse Melissa Esplana is a very confidential person. She has retained a low-key profile and infrequently seems in the media. Although being the wife of a well-known baseball boss, Melissa Esplana has tended to hide her personal life. Nevertheless, she has sometimes seemed with her husband attending several events.

Moreover, Melissa Esplana is not personally active on any social media platforms. Yet, we can presume that she is relishing her relaxed lifestyle with Melissa Esplana’s husband and children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Dusty Baker Married to?

He is married to Melissa Baker.

2. Does Melissa Esplana Have A Daughter?

Yes, she has one daughter her name is Natasha Baker.

3. Is Melissa Esplanaactive on Social Media?

Melissa Esplana is not personally active on any social media platforms.

4. What is Melissa Esplana Net Worth?

Since Melissa Esplana has not provided details about her career to the public

5. Where Was Melissa Esplana Nationality and Age?

If we look at Melissa Esplana’s Nationality then she is an American celeb born on February 21, 1961, in San Francisco USA. Melissa Esplanaage is 61 years old.

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