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The IYF TV Application, Know How To Watch Movies Online On IYF TV?


What is IYF TV?

IYF TV is an Asian video streaming website with a large variety of movies, dramas, documentaries, variety shows, and more. Although this is a new site, it is not inferior to others in terms of quality and quantity of content. The website contains 10,000+ movies, 10,000+ TV dramas, 1800+ variety shows, 3000+ cartoons, and 1300+ documentaries. This site ranks among the top in terms of content volume among Asian movie sites. Continue reading about IFVOD TV.

IYF TV has two modes, free and premium; which equally have advantages and disadvantages.

Free mode


In free mode, you can watch all movies and dramas on IYF TV for free. It is the default mode of the site. If you want to use this mode, you do not need to register an account and provide personal or financial information.


But the free mode is supported by the add-on, so you have to deal with the annoying ads that pop up now and then. Another disadvantage of the free mode is the video quality. In free mode, you cannot download anything from the web, and you can only watch movies and dramas in 480P or lower quality.

Premium Mode


IYF TV premium mode is free of annoying ads. It allows you to watch your favorite movie in ultra-high quality like 2k and 4k. You can download any movie or series you want in 4K and watch offline. The premium mode allows you to request movies, dramas, and variety shows that are not currently available on the site. So if you have a drama or movie that you like but it’s not available on IYFTV, you can request it in premium mode and the site will get it for you.


To access the premium mode, you must pay a subscription according to the package you choose. You must register an account and provide your financial information.

1. Gold VIP: 30-day package for 15 euros.

2. Gold VIP: 180-day package for 69 euros.

3. Extreme VIP: Annual package for 119 euros.

How to Watch Movies Online on IYF TV?

Watch Movies Online on IYF TV

Watching movies on IYF TV is very easy, without the twists and turns you would see on other similar sites. Follow the steps below to watch movies on IYF TV.

1. Go to “”

2. Find the movie, TV show, or documentary you want to watch, which you can do very easily with the site’s efficient and detailed navigation system.

3. Once you zero in on the target movie, click on it and the movie will start on a separate page.

IYF TV: Is it legal?

IYF TV provides Asian movies for free, which is problematic for a legal website. Some legal sites do provide free movies, but they don’t have much in terms of quantity. Providing a movie for free is only possible if you have purchased the rights from the original owner or are the original owner.

IYF TV: Is it safe?

IYF TV is an illegal and pirated website, such websites are known to be dangerous in various ways. Below are some of the dangers we think you should be aware of.

1. Ads: The free mode of this website is ad-supported, which means there are a lot of annoying ads to deal with. Ads on pirate websites are more than annoying; they can be dangerous. IYF TV provides substandard and suspicious ad networks because prominent and safe ad networks such as Google AdSense do not cooperate with illegal sites.

2. Financial Information: To activate the IYF TV Premium Mod, you must register an account and provide your credit card information. is a very young website whose domain was registered more than six months ago. Although there are no negative reviews or scam reports about it, it is still difficult to fully trust. Giving your financial info to someone on a website you can’t trust is unsafe.

3. Legal Issues: As said before, IYF TV is a pirate website and is banned in many countries. Although it is very rare to be penalized for using a pirated website, it does happen occasionally. If your country has strict anti-piracy laws, you could be in serious trouble. If you are unlucky, you can get a heavy fine or even go to jail.

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How to Stay Safe While Using IYF TV?

Stay Safe While Using IYF TV

Although IYF TV is dangerous, it has not reached the point where there is no way to use it safely. As long as you follow a few standard precautions, it’s safe to use most of the time. You must keep safety protections in mind.

1. Use an ad blocker to block ads. An ad blocker can remove most ads on websites. Avoid touching most, but not all, of the remaining ads if possible. If you are redirected to an unrelated website, please leave as soon as possible. Advertisements are pretty safe as long as you don’t touch them.

2. If possible don’t use premium mode because you can watch all movies online even in free mode. However, if you have decided to use the premium mode, you should pay with a replacement card that contains only the minimum amount of money needed to pre-pay for the selected package.

3. Use a VPN to stay anonymous, so even if IYF TV is illegal in your country, no one will be able to catch you using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the Founder of

The name of the website proprietor remains secret. But the website claims it was made by an overseas Chinese.

Q. Where Do Movies, Dramas, And Biographies On IYF TV Come From?

IYF TV permits users to upload pictures, dramas, and other videos. Most movies, dramas, biographies, and variety shows are uploaded to the website by users.

Q. Is There Any Age-inappropriate Content On The Site?

Yes, there are videos on the site that are inappropriate for minors. The website allows users to upload videos with little or no restrictions on what they upload.

Q. Why Can’t I Open IYF TV?

If you cannot open IYF TV, there are two possible reasons.

1. The website is undergoing maintenance and you should try again after 30 minutes.

2. The website is geo-blocked in your area.

Q. What Should I do if IYF TV is Banned in my Zone?

If IYF TV is banned in your zone, don’t worry; you can unblock it with a VPN and antivirus.

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