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Top 11 It Consulting Companies In New York Can Help Your Business Run Effectively

IT consulting companies nyc

No business has ever reached on top without going through struggles and turmoil. Yet, it is the persistent efforts and undeterred determination that bring organizations to a dominant position. 

As quoted by Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

To recognize the top 11 IT consulting companies in New York, we have utilized the synergy of our research and available data to bring this post to you. You will get exposed to the top-performing IT consulting companies that are highly recognized in New York. These companies go above and beyond the standards while offering precisely what modern businesses require. 

1. RisingMax

RisingMax tops the list of IT consulting firms in NYC and has earned recognition in the marketplace at a massive level. Housing experienced developers, programmers, and project managers, this IT service provider caters to startups, medium, and large-sized businesses. 

The company exploits the right technology set to bring out the most cost-effective and robust web & mobile solutions for organizations. Having served more than 300 clients and a customer retention rate of 75%, RisingMax deserves to be on the first spot on the list of IT consulting companies in New York. 

Their website speaks volumes of their expertise and how they deliver the results within the given time frame. The company places continuous testing and improvement and required measures of success at the core of its services. 

The team at RisingMax advocates intelligence-driven decision-making and strives tirelessly to deliver more than what the client expects. 

We took our research to the next level and analyzed the client reviews that exhibited the company’s overall performance. They develop cross-platform applications that render a seamless and smooth customer experience. Additionally, the company’s post-launch maintenance services are exceptional and highly appreciated by the clients.  

2. Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions bags the second position and is an established IT consulting company NYC that has served various clients and continues to do the same. The company addresses the IT needs of startups and blue-chip companies. 

The richness of its services is made up of web app development, mobile app development, and blockchain app development. Undoubtedly, Suffescom Solutions deserves this position because of its broad spectrum of services.

Industries that it serves include Ecommerce, real estate, healthcare, fintech, and more. The entity boasts of having served more than 800 clients, delivered more than 1200 projects, a rich experience of 7 years, and a team of 150+ tech experts. 

The solutions it delivers include taxi dispatch, food delivery app, medicine delivery app, grocery delivery app, liquor delivery app, marketplace solutions, and more. 

The company delivers quality projects with high expertise using a customer-oriented approach. Being a professional IT consulting company in New York, Suffescom Solutions upkeeps a transparent model and keeps clients in the loop until the project’s successful completion. 

3. M6iT Consulting

M6iT Consulting features on-demand support services, managed IT & support services, Apple deployment services, Windows deployment services, Linux deployment services, Cloud server solutions, and the list is vast.  

The company is counted in the list of the most sophisticated IT consulting firms NYC. It is a pioneer in delivering services to manage IT requirements for numerous organizations coming from different backgrounds. M6iT Consulting has grown over time and strives to be an IT service provider that advocates transparency in services. 

The company claims to enable its clients to save 40-60% of overall costs with a rich track record of serving clients with the best solutions. In addition, they are known for building systems and networks that meet the unique needs of a particular industry. 

The client reviews and testimonials talk a lot about the time-bound services that do not burn a hole in the client’s pocket. The team of one of the biggest IT consulting firms NYC serves various industries, including entertainment, transportation, real estate, finance, fashion, jewelry, legal, and hospitality. It has served a good number of customers and exhibits a high customer retention rate.

4. CyberDuo

CyberDuo is a provider of a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and IT solutions. When one mentions the best IT consulting firms in NYC, CyberDuo cannot be missed on. With a mission to allow companies to integrate technology into their functions, it brings the best IT services to the forefront. 

The company places its primary focus on providing premium customer service, and this is why it holds this position as an IT consulting company NYC. In addition, it brings digital transformation through its managed services and cybersecurity solutions like managed endpoint protection, managed EDR, managed firewall, SIEM and log management, email security, managed Cloud security, and more. 

CyberDuo has a track record of delivering successful projects and within the given time frame. The company, in simpler words, is a combination of IT services and IT security. 

5. Kanda Software

Kanda Software offers end-to-end software development, quality assurance, and support solutions. The kind of customers that it serves includes the ones from Fortune 500 companies to startups that are carving a niche for themselves. 

It is a premier full-service development and quality assurance partner at the 13th position among the fastest growing MA companies and 459th position in the US. The company provides services like custom software development, mobile application development, QA & testing services, front-end development, Big Data services, DevOps services, and more. 

Being one of the biggest IT consulting firms NYC, Kanda Software proves itself to be the most reliable and highly professional company in the region. The most appealing part of its services is the provision of different engagement models.  

The company has served elite clients who vested their interest in Kanda Software’s services and obtained high-quality results. The client reviews and testimonials present on the website are enough to prove its mettle in the modern marketplace. Amazingly, it has served more than 350 clients who have shared their feedback on how the company works to enable the successful fulfillment of their objectives. 

6. Caserta

Caserta assists organizations in extracting value from data using strategic assessments, elegant design, and advanced data engineering and implementation. They hold specialization in big data, modern data architecture, cloud migration, enterprise data management, advanced analytics, and machine learning. 

The industries it serves include, but are not limited to, finance, healthcare, insurance, media & entertainment, and higher education. Caserta works to cater to the unique business needs of each client with its rich list of services. 

Being a strategic consulting firm focused on data and analytics, Caserta has earned a position as one of the best IT consulting firms in NYC. The team behind the name holds domain expertise in data architecture, data engineering, and data science. 

7. Exelegent

Exelegent is a premier East Coast cybersecurity and compliance company. The company has been serving clients for more than ten years now. The clients it serves come from different industries like healthcare, finance, life sciences, aerospace, defense, insurance, and more. 

The company partners with tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, Sophos, Cisco, Mimecast, Vonage, and RingCentral to provide the best services to the clients. It has been an 8-time Microsoft Gold Partner and develops solutions to bring enterprise-level security to the clients. 

The list of services provided by Exelegent is vast, and this is why industry leaders consider it as one of the most professional IT consulting firms in NYC. The services include Cybersecurity assessment, healthcare automation, data governance, managed security services, professional services, digital workplace, compliance audit, Windows virtual desktop, and more. 

Exelegent has served 100+ clients till now and continues to do so. During the research, our experts found out that it implements the best security practices following standards in HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, and more. 

The case studies and client reviews work together to make it the most reliable IT consultant NYC trusted by businesses across the region. 

8. International Integrated Solutions

International Integrated Solutions solves complex IT solutions and serves a wide range of industries. Established in 1990, this company puts its employees first and strives to strengthen its relationships with clients with its ultimate services. 

Its services suite includes data center modernization, consulting managed services, AI/ML analytics, and more. The best part about the company is that it integrates the smartest set of technology to develop the best solutions for the clients at all times. 

The company has been recognized and awarded by the most elite partners and publications. Consequently, its name has been recorded in the list of IT consulting companies in New York. 

9. Power Consulting 

Power Consulting offers two services- advisory and fully outsourced managed IT services. There are a plethora of industries that it serves, including legal, education, digital and financial technology agencies, NGOs, and more. 

The client reviews and testimonials talk a lot about their domain expertise and how the company assists its clients in strengthening the IT systems. Right from IT strategic planning, IT assessment, virtual CIO, IT procurement to special project consulting and IT implementation, the company offers it all. 

Power Consulting has earned numerous clients who have shared their positive feedback and how the company transformed them digitally with its solutions. All the factors, when combined, undoubtedly makes this company one of the biggest IT consulting firms NYC.

10. Metric Theory

With 150 employees and more than 500 clients, the agency strives to become one of the most popular and reliable IT consulting firms New York. In addition, the agency helps clients to generate maximum benefits through digital ad campaigns. 

The company focuses on fostering a result-oriented approach, which further boosts the clients’ confidence in it. As a result, clients from different industries have shared their feedback and the results they have brought for them. 

11. Advisory 

Advisory is an IT consulting firm that pioneers in the world of digital transformation. It supports clients in all 50 states and all over the world. The company offers comprehensive IT services to fulfill the modern needs of businesses today. Besides, it offers services like remote help desk, security & strategy audits, endpoint security, mobile device management, network management & support, and more to address issues as per need.

The company aims to build a strong IT foundation for businesses and boost their presence in the world. Moreover, the client testimonials further support our research and the idea to include it in the record of top IT consulting companies in the USA.  

Power Consulting boasts of an experience of more than a decade and deploys best practices, technology, and processes to help them overcome business challenges. 


Digitization has become a norm, and those who have not adapted to it will soon be left behind in this cut-throat competition. As a result, professional IT consulting companies in NYC are steadily becoming crucial in today’s business world. Hiring the best IT consulting firm can save your time, money and enhance productivity. 

IT consultants provide various services, including advice, estimates, competitive analysis, development of IT corporate strategy, system management, and more. 

Digital transformation is a term that is constantly thrown around in the modern marketplace, and the top IT consulting companies in New York City provide meaning to it. These companies encourage businesses to improve their IT support, systems and achieve their organizational goals intelligently. 

Grab the opportunity to leverage innovations by choosing a cost-effective solution to strengthen your IT infrastructure. We hope this list of IT consulting companies in New York has given you enough insights on which IT consultant NYC you can rely on. 

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