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Is Instagram Threads Better Than Twitter? Know Everything About The App

Instagram Threads

Meta has finally launched its new app named Threads. No wonder users are excited about it but there are speculations it is a game-changing platform for micro-blogging. However, it is evident that this app is an answer to the fight between two tycoons. They not only want to knock each other out outside but also of the social media scene. Elon Musk’s reign which is Twitter is at risk as users are exploring other platforms. But most of these platforms have a small user base which is a disappointment. 

But with Zuckerberg’s latest application Threads, Twitter is going to get tough competition. This new app in the market has an advantage that it can easily attract the massive as well as loyal user base of Instagram which is around 2.35 billion. No wonder, this app just launched a few hours back and there is a lot of hype. 

Know About Instagram Threads 

People are curious about this latest app launch. Threads is an application which is launched by Instagram. However, this app is for conversations instead of uploading photos, reels, etc. It is simple to use as users can easily sign with the help of their Instagram accounts where they can share text updates as well as join public conversations. 

The app is somehow like an average Instagram comment section when it comes to interface. But when it is about functionality, Threads is similar to Twitter where users hold the ability to reply to every post as well as re-share them. Plus, every post can be 500 characters long where you can add links, 10 photos, and 5 minutes long video.

Features Of Instagram Threads 

Threads app is known to be a safe place for communities where they can discuss anything, be it topics that are necessary or simply something which is trending. No matter what grabs your attention, you can follow as well as connect with creators or other people who have similar tastes. Plus, there is an opportunity to build a loyal audience or following to share ideas, opinions, as well as creativity. 

However, there is more to this app, like: 

  • Users can like, comment, as well as DM on the posts. 
  • Users can also re-share the post with a new feature which is somehow similar to the retweet button of Twitter. 
  • The replies of the users will come up in a simple and neat threat so that conversation can be followed up easily.
  • The post on the Threads app can be 500 characters.
  • There is also an option to share photos, videos, as well as links with the followers or creators. 

Latest News About Instagram Threads

Comparison Between Threads And Twitter

There are some similarities and differences between Threads and Twitter after all they are rival apps.

  • The links can be shared on both apps, Threads and Twitter.
  • The post length of Threads is 500 characters whereas on Twitter it is 280 characters. 
  • The photos can be shared on Threads as well as Twitter.
  • Users can share 5 minutes videos on Threads whereas on Twitter they can share videos of 2 minutes 20 seconds. 
  • Users can get verified on Threads via Instagram but this feature is not available on Twitter. 
  • The delete option is available on both apps but the editing option is not available. 
  • On Threads, there is no option of direct messaging but on Twitter, DMs can be possible. 
  • There is no feature of trending stories on Threads but on Twitter trending stories can be seen. 
  • Threads don’t have a hashtag feature but on Twitter it is available.

Instagram Threads And Its Privacy Issues 

No doubt, the Threads app can be seen as an upgraded version of the app Twitter. But when it comes to user privacy then it is slightly less protected as compared to Twitter. Meta has always been the limelight as it handles the personal data of users which are further used for targeted ads. This is a smart move as it helps Meta to make billions of dollars as a profit each quarter. 

Further, this has stopped them to enter the European Union Market as they have strict rules when it comes to guarding the privacy of the users. However, when it comes to the application Threads, there is criticism about the app using a lot of data including health, browsing data which is linked with the identity of the users, and a lot more.

There are some users who have shown their concern about not being able to delete Threads without deleting the linked Instagram account or profile. However, as per Meta, this issue is being worked on. 

Is Instagram Threads A Copy Of Twitter?

In some ways, Threads can be called a clone app of Twitter. This new app allows users to share short text posts where they can like as well as reply. However, the wordings are different, retweets on Threads are called reposts and tweets are simply called Threads. 

But some minor changes can be seen in this new app as people can post a long post of 500 characters and can also add links, photos, as well as videos. 

How Many People Have Signed Up? 

Since the launch of Instagram Threads, people are quite excited about it and are loving this new app. Within a few hours, this text-based rival app to Twitter was signed up by around 10 million people or users which is huge. 

When Can Threads Be Monetized?

Many Instagram influencers and ardent Instagrammers are curious to know when it will be monetized. Since it’s a brand new app everyone is getting their hands on it. In fact, over 10 million users have already moved to Threads. However, the company is currently focusing on the branding and promotion of Threads. Mark Zuckerberg has clearly stated that once Threads will cross over 1 billion users, the company will then think about the monetization part.


Instagram Threads is a text-based rival to the famous Twitter app. This new app can cause bigger problems for Twitter. However, to conclude, Threads is meant for people who like Twitter or simply want to connect with their audience via text. Plus, its features are appealing to the audience which is why influencers or users will open profiles can get the maximum benefit out of this new Instagram app. This can also help them to monetize Threads after some time. But when it comes to private Instagram profiles or users, this new app won’t do much. 

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