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Best Instagram Business Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Learn From

Instagram Business Accounts

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram was once derided as an online playground for kids with little business or advertising potential. 

Do you recall when the same thing was said about Facebook?

That impression was short-lived.

Instagram is now a major player in the world of online marketing. 

Instagram connects personal brands with powerful people and businesses, as well as helping Instagram users at all levels of the brand spectrum network and flourish.

Best Instagram Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Learn From

If you take a look at the statistics of IG growth, you can understand how powerful Instagram is as a business marketing platform. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business online, you must include IG in your marketing strategy.

Here, we have highlighted a few IG accounts to help your entrepreneurship dream come true.

Let’s take a look: 

1: Entrepreneur: @entrepreneur

Who better to head our list than Entrepreneur Magazine because we’re talking about Instagram marketing for businesses and entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneur’s Instagram accounts are used to motivate, educate, and celebrate entrepreneurs. And it has piqued the interest of 3.6 million followers.

They do an excellent job of sharing photos of business owners in their natural habitat and photographs that connect to important information and videos. 

The entrepreneur also has an excellent click-bait game, with titles like “What divides successful individuals from regular people,” which are appealing short video titles.

2: Sharpie: @sharpie

If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you may recall Leonardo Di Caprio’s character asking an audience member to sell him a pen at the end of the movie. You rapidly find that making a pen interesting enough to sell at a premium price is difficult.

Sharpie may not be selling pens that are worth their weight in gold, but they have certainly discovered methods to make their pens intriguing.

Sharpie has taken full use of the potential afforded by the Instagram platform, which was intended for brands like Sharpie.

Sharpie’s Instagram business profiles, which have 365k followers, are really imaginative.

3: Netflix: @netflix

Another wonderful example of a brand whose product is a natural fit for Instagram is Netflix. Netflix’s Instagram marketing team is certainly struggling to select what to post each day with so many video snippets and streaming content.

Netflix’s Instagram pages are frequently updated with memes in addition to short video clips and trailers.

Netflix also refreshes its profile with links to different movie collections on the streaming site.

But, whether it’s through photographs, memes, movie teasers, or sharing items that people may not be aware are accessible on Netflix, they’ve done an excellent job of maintaining the attention of their over 25 million followers.

4: Warby Parker: @warbyparker

Warby Parker’s Instagram brand image is exceptionally well-rounded.

They post internal voices, Warby Parker’s own goods, upcoming releases, and, most importantly, user-generated content user-generated content.

Another exciting component here is how they share their own material, which often tells a story about how a product was created, imagined, or produced.

Warby Parker is an excellent example of how to make your customers feel like they’re a part of your company.

5: Nike: @nike

Nike’s Instagram business account leverages celebrities and genuine athletes to catch the attention and interest of followers, but what it does once it has your attention is truly masterful. 

The brand has a very effective call-to-action technique. 

Nike creates Instagram promotions that direct users to the link at the top of its profile to learn more.

Nike is leveraging the clickable link area on its profile to promote the campaign’s landing page, rather than just referring users to the company’s homepage. Nike understands that viral success is amazing, but there needs to be a point to it if you’re in business.

Are You Ready To Learn?

If you are an entrepreneur stepping into the market of these business giants, you can use some advice from the experts, and who’s better to give you advice than our very own Instagram Stars?

You may have noticed that we have included examples of well-recognized brands like Nike and Netflix here alongside others.

It shows you that even when these brands have been in the market for many years and are already trending at the top of their respective industries, their IG strategies have been on point.

So, if you need more suggestions from us, reach us in the comment section below.

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