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Is Getting A Dog A Good Idea If You Have A Baby At Home?

Getting A Dog A Good Idea If You Have A Baby At Home

If you love dogs, you must have definitely come across videos of puppies and babies growing together. Well, in theory, it sounds great, but is it such a good idea to actually put your baby in danger of being around a puppy who is not trained yet?

Well, I am absolutely pro when it comes to raising kids with dogs, but I do not agree to raise a puppy and a kid together. At least a responsible parent and pet parents should try to raise both these babies at different periods. Obviously, raising a kid takes years, but a puppy becomes an adult dog in 1-2 years. 

Many couples in their early years of marriage get a dog, and when they plan a baby, they automatically either demote the pet or abandon them. I do not mean they leave their dogs on the road but send them to a farm or another family member. I would say the dog indeed feels abandoned. This does not mean I am demotivating any new couple from adopting a dog, but I absolutely do not agree when the same dog is neglected and not prioritized. This is why if you are not sure if you can love and care for your dog the same way always, even if you have a baby a few years later, then you should obviously get a bundle of joy immediately. If you have some doubts regarding the same, better refrain from getting a dog now just for your own selfish motives.

Well, who can better understand the above phenomenon than me, the one because of which my family dog was demoted from my parent’s bed to a garage? The garage was well heated and ventilated, so that was not an issue, but for sure, my parents prioritized me over our family dog. Obviously, I am grateful they loved me so much. I just wish our dog did not have to suffer because of that. The truth remains that this change in its status does not affect my dog’s attention towards my family. In fact, he loved me dearly, the one responsible for his miseries. That is all dogs can do, love and show their loyalty more by knowing what will kill fleas instantly on my dog.

Honestly, dogs do not need or expect much from their humans. A few hours of attention and love is more than enough. If you wish to have a dog and a baby at home, maybe read the following pointer first to understand if it is really that a good idea for your family. 

1. Do Not Get a Puppy and a Baby Together:

If you do not have many family members at home, it is highly advised that you avoid having a baby when you have gotten a puppy at home and vice versa. Both babies and puppies need a lot of attention and care, and it is an excellent task to actually deal with one. If you get both, it would be nearly impossible to stay sane by the end of it.

If you have a puppy already, wait for it to become an adult and well-trained before you plan a baby, which would be a year or two. And if you have a baby at home, better wait for the baby to be at least 4-5 before you get a puppy. This way, your kid will also enjoy being around the pet and engaging with the pet more. Your responsibility towards the pet will reduce as your child will keep your dog busy as well. Surely your child cannot take the dog to the vet, but at least they can play with the pet and exercise them. Which means you will be left with one responsibility less.

2. Do Not Opt for an Adult Rescue with a Baby at Home:

We are pro for rescue adoption but do not even think of getting an adult rescue if you have a baby at home. Rescues have a history attached with them, which means you will be adopting a dog whose temperament you are not aware of. It can get risky to keep such a dog close to a newborn. If you can keep the baby and the dog separate till you trust the dog, then maybe you can consider the adoption idea.

3. Opt for a Baby-Friendly Breed:

While most dog breeds are adorable, a few specific breeds such as mini cavapoo breeders can be excellent around kids. If you plan on having a bay in the future, definitely stick to such dog breeds. You can get more information on different dog breeds’ temperaments online.

4. Do Not Lower Your Dog’s Number on the Priority List:

Yes, I know you have a baby at home, but that does not mean you ignore your first baby. Dogs are part of the family too. They are capable of giving their lives for you, and are always loyal towards you. You cannot just ignore or downgrade their value as a new member arrives. Understand from your dog’s point of view. This animal loves you unconditionally and only expects your love in return. Your child is your liability. Similarly, the dog is also your liability. Step up and own your responsibilities instead of trying to make them less.

5. Do Take Care of Your Pet’s Health:

Once there is a kid in the house along with a dog, not just attention, but you also need to divide your finances correctly. You obviously would have to spend on your kid, but that does not mean to cut your dog’s basic needs. Do not skimp on quality food, pet insurance, or frequent vet visits. Also, do not forget to notice your pet’s behavior as your dog will never say he is sick, but as an owner, you should understand when your dog is not its usual self.

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The Bottom Line:

We are not suggesting a dog cannot be a hazard to your kid, but that is completely avoidable if you well-train your buddy. It is your responsibility to understand your dog’s temperament, introduce it carefully to your child and supervise till you are entirely sure your baby is safe with the dog. Once you can trust your pet with your kid, you will really enjoy watching them together and never regret your decision.

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