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Installing a New Aluminum Fence: What You Need to Know

New Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences offer the same timeless beauty and durability as their more expensive wrought iron counterparts but at a fraction of the cost and with far lower maintenance requirements. Property owners with some expertise and the right tools can even install aluminum fence panels themselves and, if they complete the installation correctly, can expect the resulting fence to look fantastic for years to come. Please see this website for information about installing a fence. Read on to find out what property owners need to know about installing new aluminum fences before placing an order for panels or rushing out to the hardware store.

It Takes Expertise to Install a Fence Correctly

The first thing homeowners need to know, whether they’re looking for an aluminum fence installer or they plan to do the work themselves, is that it takes some specialized expertise to install any kind of fence. Homeowners can avoid common mistakes regarding improper placement, post installation, and material selection that could cause them problems down the road by working with an experienced professional. That said, it is possible to install an aluminum fence properly without professional training.

The Planning Phase

Fence installation doesn’t start when the fencing materials melbourne arrive on the site and the installers start digging post holes. It begins with adequate planning. Before finalizing plans for where the fence will go, a DIY fence installer should research:

– Relevant permits and building codes

Property lines

The location of underground utility lines

Think about talking to a surveyor about where the exact property lines are and checking with the town office and, if applicable, the homeowner’s association about local rules and regulations. It’s a good idea to get started planning for the fence installation early because it can take some time to track down relevant information and apply for necessary permits.

Required Tools and Equipment

Professional fence installers have all the tools and equipment they could possibly need to complete any residential or commercial project, but not all homeowners will have them on hand. At a minimum, installing an aluminum fence properly requires:

A post-hole digger

Concrete mix

A level

A hacksaw or an electric metal-cutting saw

An electric drill

A rubber mallet


String or a chalk line

High-quality fence posts, panels, and hardware

Homeowners should only consider moving forward with their fence installation projects if they have all of these tools and materials available and know how to use them safely. Otherwise, it may be better to work with a professional.

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Installing the Fence

The first step is to use the stakes and string or chalk line to mark out exactly where the fence will go. Start the construction process by digging the post holes. The spacing will depend on the length of the fence panels, so it’s best to wait until all the materials arrive.

Once all of the post holes are dug, fill them with concrete up to two inches above the ground and hammer the posts in these stable bases using the rubber mallet. Next, start attaching the fence panels, beginning outward from the gate and using the level to ensure that they are positioned properly. Use self-tapping screws to make connections and the hacksaw or electric saw to trim panels to fit at the end of each run.

Know When to Call for Help

If anything goes wrong during the installation process, it’s better to call a fence installer or fence companies in shelbyville for help than to just continue muddling along. Don’t be afraid to call in the pros for help at any point in the project.

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