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8 Things To Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar

8 Things To Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar

Are you considering going green and looking for information on how to go about it? If so, then you have come to the right place! Installing a rooftop solar panel needs lots of deliberation before you embark on that journey. The good news is that you won’t be alone in that journey and this article will walk you through everything you need to know before installing a rooftop solar panel.

1. Can your roof sustain the solar panel?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before installing a rooftop solar panel.

Is your roof in good condition? Does it need some renovations? If your roof seems to need some touch-ups here and there then you should definitely renovate the roof first before installing a solar panel.

Another factor to consider is how old your roof is. Most solar panels have around 25-30 years lifespan so you should make sure your roof can last that long and if your roof is a bit older then it’s better to renovate it first before installing a rooftop solar panel.

2. Lease or buy?

Depending on how deep your pocket is you can choose an option that best suits your needs. If you have enough money you can buy your own system upfront which has its own advantages in the long run or you can just lease the solar system if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the whole system upfront.  If you lease, you can get cheaper electricity with little to no money upfront.

However, buying the system will give you an advantage because you will fully own the system. You can also recoup the costs you incurred in buying the system through incentives and rebates.

When you are leasing, the company will remain the owners of the solar system and you will just need to pay them a rate for electricity. You won’t be able to enjoy the incentives or rebates though under leasing so if your pockets are deep enough, I suggest you buy your own system as it comes with lots of benefits.

3. Size and shape of your roof

The size and shape of your roof also determine if you can install a rooftop solar panel or not. If you want to install a bigger rooftop solar panel or have multiple panels on your roof then you need a bigger space for that.

Make sure your roof is big enough to accommodate the number of rooftop solar panels that you want to install.

Also, the shape of your roof is something you should consider. Some say solar panels are most efficient while facing Southwards while some say West so make sure the shape of your roof enables your solar panels to absorb as much heat as possible.

4. Do you want grid or off-grid Solar Energy

When you install a solar system you can either connect to the grid or an off-grid system where you have to store your energy in batteries.

If you are connected to the grid, you receive a Net Metering which is an incentive that offers you credit on your bill for the excess power produced by your solar panels.

If you are off-grid you will need extensive storage capacity to store your energy as you will not be connected to the grid.

Most people opt for the grid option because of the credits offered but in rural and remote areas, the off-grid system is the most popular.

Now that you know of these two options and what they entail, you can make a decision if you want to go grid or off-grid.

5. Find a Reputable Installer 

If you want the best rooftop solar system then you should look for the best Installer. You need to shop around for installers first before choosing one. Don’t just pick a random person or you might regret it later. For your rooftop solar panels to work efficiently you need a very experienced installer for the job.

It is better to purchase your solar system from reputable brands that usually offer installation services. 

Such brands usually have the best staff and it’s rare for them to make some installation mistakes.

6. Check for Warranties

Good rooftop solar panels come with 20-25 years warranties. This is the most common warranty that is offered by reputable brands like SunPower. Then there is also an installation warranty. This is normally from 2 to 10 years. Choosing a rooftop solar panel with the longest warranty is always the wisest idea.

Installation warranties help you to receive help in cases of faulty installations or leaks that were caused during the installation of the rooftop solar panels.

So if you are considering installing a rooftop solar panel then one of the things you should look out for is the warranties offered.

Don’t go for cheaper solar panels with no or fewer years of warranties as most of them are not durable.

It is better to go with the best solar panels that offer great warranties. Even though they tend to cost more, you will have value for your money. Cheap things don’t usually last long.

7. Do you want to sell your house?

Considering selling your house in the near future? That can’t stop you from installing a rooftop solar panel though. In Fact, it will just add value to your home and you will be able to charge higher amounts for your house because of the solar system.

Since rooftop solar panels can last up to 25years you won’t have to worry about having to dismantle your system when you are moving to a new place or selling the house.

You can just sell the house with the installed solar system and charge extra for the solar system too.

It has been noted that most people prefer buying a house with an installed solar system to those without solar systems.

A solar system will also add value to your home so even if you want to sell your property later, having rooftop solar panels will make you charge more for your property. It will also make your property stand out as most homebuyers prefer houses with solar panels

8. Is your environment safe

Before installing a rooftop solar panel ask yourself if your area is safe. If you live in an environment that constantly has natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, or even earthquakes then you should consider looking for insurance companies before installing your rooftop solar panels.

Natural disasters are common and this has never stopped anyone from enjoying the benefits of green energy and it should never stop you too. Insurance companies can cover your system in cases of natural disasters and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered.


Rooftop solar panels are the greatest assets you can have. Solar energy is most popular these days as most people are adopting cleaner forms of energy.

Solar energy is cheaper too as it is a renewable resource so having rooftop solar panels is a great achievement as it sets you apart and enables you to enjoy cost savings on energy.

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