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5 Best Tips On How To Wear Backless Dresses With Perfection

Backless Dresses

What’s bolder than a dress that has an open back and a little more of sass? Surely, nothing! Backless dresses are all the rage this season, and for good reasons: they ooze the oomph of women and make them look sexy. Stars of Hollywood at all times, always into designer backless gowns to steal all the limelight on the red carpet.

Interestingly, many A-list designers favor the trend of backless dresses in 2022. From deep v-back to cut-out back designer dresses, there are myriads of styles you can take pleasure in this season.

But do you know how to make a striking impression in an open back? Because for you to pull it off perfectly, you need to consider the slightest detail and let go of your self-consciousness.

Here are the best tips to rock in your favorite backless dress for the next event on your calendar:

#1. Find A Spot Of Your Back That You’re Confident To Show Off

No one knows your body better than you! So, before shopping for a backless cocktail dress or prom dress on sale, make sure to find the spot on your back that you think is the most flattering to reveal. This way, you feel confident about what you are wearing.

Pro tip: If you yearn to rejoice in exclusive backless designs, look no further, but Jovani dresses on sale. From a wide variety of styles, including cocktail dresses, prom dresses, and formal evening dresses, you can have your perfect outfit with an open back.

Confident To Show Off

#2. Get The Right Fit

A perfect fit is a key to slaying in a backless evening dress. If your dress is too big or too small, the back design will not lay right, making the overall look unappealing.

Simply put, your dress should have a secure and snug fit so that you can achieve a polished look.

Get The Right Fit

#3. Stick To The Right Bra

Of course, you know what style and size of bra best suits you. However, with a backless designer evening dress, you have to be quite considerate with a backless designer evening dress as the regular bra may not conceal beneath the dress.

Following are the types of bras that go well with your backless dress:

  1. Adhesive Bra: As the name suggests, adhesive bras stick on your breasts. They have no bands or straps, therefore seamless to wear underneath backless or strapless dresses.

Another plus? They are mostly available in nude colours so you can create a braless look while enjoying the needful support.

2. Criss-Cross Bra: Another bra that fits right to backless dresses is criss-cross. Such bras have two bands that cross at the back, allowing your shoulders to be bare. Depending on the look you wish to create, you can choose the criss-cross bra in the color that matches the dress or contrast the dress.

3. Invisible Band Bra: By invisible, it means thin bands that are usually toned, semi-transparent, or transparent. Invisible band bras don’t have hooks at the back; you can adjust them in the front.

Stick To The Right Bra

#4. Get The Glow On Your Back

Before you wear a backless cocktail or prom dress, make sure your back is ready to get revealed. So, why not start with skincare a few days before the party? Invest in a quality scrub and moisturizer and apply them on your back to smoothen the skin. You can also get a fake tan for an extra glowy look. In the case of acne, consult a dermatologist or use an acne scrub to clear up all the problems.

Get The Glow On Your Back

#5. Go For The Right Hairdo

There is no point in wearing a sexy backless evening gown or dress if it is all covered with your open hairdo. The right choice would be to go for a short hairstyle or dramatic updo that doesn’t camouflage the design of your back.

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Messy twisted bun and french twist updo are the two most beautiful hairstyles that will accentuate your backless dress and make you Belle of the Ball.

Go For The Right Hairdo


Backless designer dresses are fun and fabulous. All you need is to be a little bold to make this edge style work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the trendiest backless dress online and create a celebrity-style statement to stun all eyes!

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