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How to Use Fabric to Entice Customers?

Use Fabric to Entice Customers

When it comes to retail display options, there are many options available in the market. With endless possibilities, making the right choice sometimes becomes quite difficult. Retail signage plays an important role in influencing the buying decision of shoppers.

A creative and unique retail display will attract shoppers and make them curious about the products and services offered by the store. Traditional visual merchandising and retail displays are mostly made of rigid materials.

However, times are changing, and innovative retail display solutions are coming to the forefront. Fabric displays add a new dimension to retail signage by adding luxury and elegance to display boards.

Fabric, as a material, is incredibly adaptable and can be used in various ways to create retail and event displays. It is more affordable than traditional display options and stands out for its unique texture and look.

Benefits of Using Fabric Display for Retail Stores and Events

Using Fabric Display for Retail Stores

Contrary to the notion that fabric displays lack structural integrity, this innovative option has proven fruitful, especially for pop-ups and event displays. Printing companies like Next Printing have developed an innovative technique known as the 3200mm width dye sublimation process to print graphics of any size on fabrics for displays.

Here are some benefits of working with fabric for visual merchandising displays.


Business owners know that the signage weight influences the budget you are working with. Apart from that, there is also an issue of wastage and storage. On the other hand, fabric signage is relatively lightweight and saves you on freight costs. 

Moreover, fabric displays can be easily folded and stored, which resolves the storage issue. Fabrics also have a faster decomposition rate than PVC and other plyboard materials, which means it is much more sustainable than traditional options.


This is something that no other traditional options can compete with. Fabric signage is easily customized and can be used to fit various frames and forms. For instance, fabrics can be used to make illuminated, cubed, double-sided, and even curved signage.

Bold Colours:

Printing on fabric involves using direct digital methods and dye sublimation. These methods are particularly known for producing vibrant and bright graphics. If you add illumination into the mix, the result would be a stunning visual display complete with pop colours and textures that can be used for external and internal display signs.

Return on Investment:

Unlike other printing mediums, the fabric won’t tear or crease easily. While you can get creases, steam ironing the fabric can easily eliminate them. As mentioned above, it is versatile and holds colour very well, which is perfect for making sale event displays and product launches. Fabric displays can also be washed to eliminate dirt and dust, which is impossible with traditional options.

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How to Use Fabric Signage to Attract Customers?

Fabrics are an excellent example of sensory marketing for many reasons we have already covered. While trends come, two currently in the market have captured customers’ and business owners’ hearts and attention.

Let us explore these two fabric display trends to understand them in detail.

Use of Luxurious Fabrics

Using luxurious and elegant fabrics to create shop and event signage adds lustre, elegance, and splendour to event and shop signage. The rich feel of the material is used to give a sense of opulence to the brand and products.

Many business owners choose these lavish fabrics to create a sense of grandiosity and splendour in their retail signs. Fabrics like gold, purple velvet, and royal blue velvet are often used to develop such signages.

Use of Natural Fabrics

The other trend is absolutely the opposite of the first trend. Many retailers have started using organic, recycled fabrics to incorporate sustainable practices in their business. Natural, eco-friendly fabrics like linen, thick hemp, burlap, wool, and cotton.

Even if you have artificial displays, you can use these fabrics creatively to give them an innovative twist. With more and more consumers trying to walk on the sustainable path, using natural materials gives a positive message to existing and potential consumers.

In Conclusion

For a brick-and-mortar business owner, fabric displays are a creative way to decorate window displays and host product launches and events. It will make your brand, products, and services stand out.

Fabric visual merchandising will create a great theme for potential buyers. It will have an enormous influence on your shop’s foot traffic and sales.

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