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Fun Ways to Liven up Your Look!

Liven up Your Look

Most of us spend a huge portion of our lives at work, and we sacrifice more to the daily grind than just our time. We’re forced to conform, and most jobs require that we wear a uniform or dress a certain way to fit the company’s policy- which can mean we don’t get to enjoy our own personal style. For this reason, outside of work hours, it’s always worth having fun with your look and dressing in a way that feels like ‘you’. Your look is a way to express yourself, and it’s even more important for your sense of self if you don’t get the chance to wear what you want during work times. Here are some of the ways you can have fun with your appearance, experiment, and find a style which you love and feel is a reflection of you. 

Have Fun With Makeup

Makeup is a fantastic way to switch up your appearance. You can find great quality products without spending much, and there are so many tutorials online that teach you different techniques to perfect. If you don’t like the way your look turns out one day, simply wash it off and try again. You could go bright and bold, simple and subtle or sultry and sexy. Have a think about the type of look you’re trying to create then search for some inspiration online. Even just a pop of bright lipstick can make such a difference to your overall appearance. 

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Experiment With Your Hair

Have you worn your hair the same way since you left college? Perhaps you’ve kept it natural and throw it into a ponytail everyday because you’re not sure what to do with it. Maybe you have it cut and coloured, but haven’t strayed away from your usual colouring and styling routine in many years. You might have noticed that your hair no longer suits you as your face has changed over the years, or that you’re sporting more greys than you’d like. Whatever the situation, a new ‘can certainly give you a transformation. Maybe you could completely change the length or the style. You could experiment with a new colour- it could be something you’d never have considered! A bright or pastel shade, or something striking like jet black or platinum blonde if you want to stand out. 

Try A New Clothing Style

Many of us find a clothing style we like and tend to not stray from it. Have you ever gone out and bought the same top, dress or t-shirt in five different colours just because you’re so comfortable with the style?! If you want to have fun with your appearance then try out some new clothes- have a swap party with friends or go to a thrift store and pick out some pieces you wouldn’t normally go for. Browse online for brands that are known to be cute and fun, visit here for an example. Otherwise, you could add some accessories to your current clothes. Statement jewellery,  a brightly coloured back or unusual shoes for example are bound to brighten things up!

It’s also worth mentioning that taking good care of your teeth is also one way to liven up your look. A bright and healthy smile can do wonders for your appearance. This implant dentist in Chattanooga recommends getting teeth whitening treatment for a quick upgrade.

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