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How to Use an Afro Pick for Big Curly Hair

How to Use an Afro Pick for Big Curly Hair

Afro picks have gradually become a staple for different curly hair types over the years, and obviously, we still love them because of the major benefits they provide us. Afro picks have gradually become a staple for different curly hair types with african american hair growth products over the years, and obviously, we still love them because of the major benefits they provide us.

Looking For Volume For Your Big Curly Long Hair?

Say no more! For you can trust an afro pick to help with that with the snap of your finger.

They detangle easily without causing much damage when used carefully and in the right manner.

If you don’t know what an afro pick is, let’s begin from there before anything else is said.

An Afro pick is a type of comb that looks like a painter’s brush – basically. Its teeth are wider and more spacious than regular combs, and it is often used for combing and styling big curly hair.

It usually makes life easier by lifting hair up from the roots, giving that springy voluminous result most curly hair people crave so much.

Despite the possibility of a little frizz when using afro picks, they are still very much used across the world and I believe they are going to be around a little longer.


It’s important to start with moisturized strands to prevent roughness and breakage during the process. Wash your big curly hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Apply a moisturizing spray. Let your hair dry completely. Now carefully observe your hair and select the area which needs more volume. It is preferable not to pick the areas of hair around your temples because you don’t want the frizz in those baby hairs. You may use clips for sectioning your hair, but it’s completely optional.

The Steps

  1. Now grab your Afro pick. There are two types of Afro pick available. You can use any of the types depending on your hair type. If you have thick and heavy hair, styling with the metallic one will be convenient. However, the plastic ones are more comfortable to use because its softer teeth will not snag in your hair.
  2. Bend your head forward and pick the hair at the bottom, near the neck. Make sure you pick your hair from the roots. Remember you don’t have to comb your hair from root to the tips. Only comb up to three centimeters from your roots. This will frizz out your roots a bit that will result in added volume.
  3. After you are done with the hair at your back, give your head a wiggle. Give your hair a shakeout and now pick your hair from the place you have missed while holding your head down. You may spray a few spritzes of your moisturizer again. Add your desired amount of volume.
  4. You can finish off your look by spraying it with a shine spray.

If you’re trying to achieve big curly hair with bangs look, we would recommend you go see a stylist if you’re not sure how to get that done by yourself. Depending on your hair texture, this look might be a little difficult to achieve with very little skills or know-how.

Make sure your big curly long hair is well nourished. While picking your hair don’t skip the moisturizer. You may apply a moisturizing serum to save your picked hair from drying up.

How often should you pick your hair

The key is that you should properly moisturize your big curly hair with bangs in between the picking sessions and also after the picking itself. You can pick your hair every two weeks, but if you want to go ahead and do this as often as needed, feel free to!

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There’s really no strict way to go about this, since it usually comes down to a matter of preference and need.

What to Avoid While Using an Afro Pick

Following your naturally curly hair dos and don’ts is the best way to keep your curls healthy and bouncy. When using an afro pick, you might want to consider the following rules;

  1. Use the Afro pick on completely dry hair
  2. Be gentle with your roots or you may pull them out of your scalp.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Excessive picking may put the hair strand under undue stress and cause it to break.
  4. Use your Afro pick only at the selected places where you want the volume.
  5. Don’t tug all the way through. Only lift at the roots and stop. Pulling your pick through your lengths is a serious mistake.
  6. Don’t use too many big curly hair products

Growing and maintaining your natural hair is not a walk in the park. You may make many mistakes along your healthy hair journey. But as long as you are working on your mistakes and growing out of them, one day you will surely get advanced with your methods and processes, and it will all be a lot easier too. Shop hair systems and wigs at best discounts on Lordhair.

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