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How to Select the Best Background Music for your Boutique

Background Music

The ambiance of your boutique plays a major role in giving your customers a great shopping experience. And what’s a better mood booster than music? Playing background music is a stress reliever not only to your employees but also to your customers. This way you avoid hot-headed customers that can create a bad image for your brand. But how do you select the best background music that can make your customers and employees feel satisfied and overall increase your boutique’s sales? Here’s how.

Music that Resonates with your Brand

The first thing you have to keep in mind when choosing what music to play inside your boutique is your brand’s image and identity. To choose a playlist that resonates best with the image your brand is promoting, you should consider using Pandora for Business. For example, if your boutique sells fashion jewelry, then classical music suits your shop best. If you sell women’s clothing and your brand promotes confidence, then you can play songs that can empower your female customers.

Do Not Play your own Playlist

Your preferences in music might not suit your brand’s image. Same with the music preferences of your employees. This is a common mistake when playing background music in stores. Employees just take out their phones and play their own playlist. It’s the music they want to hear, but it might not be what the customers want to hear. Always think of what your customers might want to hear while browsing the products you sell inside your boutique.


The perfect ambiance for a boutique is not too loud and too soft it lulls your customers to sleep. The perfect ambient music for boutiques is one that can boost your customers’ mood and encourage them to buy more of your products. This is why it’s important to set the volume of your music strategically. Not too loud that it would make your customers want to escape your boutique immediately upon entering. But at the same time, not too soft that it made them fall asleep inside your shop.


Songs that are Legal to Play

Before you hit the play button, make sure that the songs in your playlist are all legal to play. Do not play unlicensed music because you might be sued and asked to pay for penalties when someone reports you. Know the rules when it comes to what songs can be played. This way you avoid penalties and you also avoid creating a bad image for your boutique.

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Add Marketing Messages

To make the most out of your background music, you can insert your company’s promotions, discounts, coupons, sales, and other important announcements. This strategy is called overheard messaging. This strategy can also be used to direct your customers to specific areas inside your stores where you might want them to visit.

Final Thoughts

Be wise and careful in selecting background music for your boutique. You don’t just select them, but you carefully examine them if they suit your brand or whether they are legal to play. Do not play your playlist. The best background music is one that can make your customers want to stay longer inside your shop to browse more items and buy more of your products. Effective background music can drive sales to your shop.

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