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Men’s Jewelry- Your Ultimate Guide

Men’s Jewelry

For a long time, jewelry for men was considered to be a taboo subject, but that is not the case anymore. Nowadays, all stereotypes are being broken, and there are brands creating the finest jewelry for men. You may think to yourself, what jewelry is more suited to them? Well, the answer is all jewelry. Men can style bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even more. Read on below to learn all about men’s jewelry and how you can style each piece. 


Watches are the easiest jewelry item to wear, and they have dodged the stigma surrounding men’s jewelry since the start. They are a timeless piece and a very functional item for a modern man. If you want to incorporate jewelry into your collection, then you can start today. There are many different brands of watches that you can get, and some even use this particular piece to showcase their status. The best part about watches is you can accessorize them with engravings and also by blinging them if you like. Some even allow you to change the straps and match them with the shirt you are wearing.



When it comes to necklaces, there are many different materials and styles present for you to choose from. Starting with delicate necklaces like Tennis chains to more prominent pieces such as Cuban link chains, these pieces are timeless and can accentuate your outfit to a whole new level. You can start in a simple manner and take a delicate piece and wear it on a daily basis. These delicate necklaces look great on formal outfits, whereas heavy necklaces can be worn on casual outfits like rappers and hip-hop stars. So add a hint of sexiness to your outfits with the help of necklaces and give it a whole new look. 



Bracelets are one such jewelry piece that can be difficult to style and pull off. Many people think bracelets are easy since they give off the same vibe as watches, but that is not the case. Bracelets can make your outfit stand out and have the potential to give it whole new attention, but only if you wear it with confidence. When it comes to styling a bracelet, keep in mind that minimalistic is key. You do not want to fill your wrist with hordes of straps and bangles because this will give a very unappealing look. Instead, try to keep it simple and elegant. Opt for a gold color or a silver bracelet and wear it with a ring or a chain, but don’t wear it with a watch. 



Rings are the most unisex piece of jewelry present today, and this is mainly because of engagement rings and wedding bands. These rings have been worn by men since the start of time because it lets everyone know that they are married. So styling them is a very easy task, and everyone can pull it off. These jewelry pieces mix class and elegance with minimalistic nature, so you do not give a very flashy look. You can opt for a wooden ring or a metal ring, depending on what you prefer; some manufacturers even allow you to get a hybrid ring which is a mix of two metals. 


Nothing screams elegance like a pair of cufflinks on a sexy suit. Whether it is for professional wear or occasional wear, cufflinks are a sophisticated and classy piece of jewelry that every man can enjoy and pull off. While chains and bracelets can be limited to office wear, you can always wear cufflinks to your business meetings and even for dinner and dates. However, to wear cufflinks, you need a shirt that has french cuffs so it can be attached, so make sure you get them together. Also, there are many different designs of cufflinks, so if it is your first time wearing them, then opt for simple silver ones and then take it up a notch with bold colors and bright designs. 

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Earring is one of the hardest pieces of jewelry that men can pull off because some people find these pieces to give a look at feminism. Even though this is not true, and many people do wear ear piercings without putting their manhood in jeopardy, but the fact remains true, earrings are difficult to pull off. So if you are ready to get one and jump the gun, then opt for smaller pieces at first. This will make you understand how you look without taking up too much attention, and if you like it, then you can always switch the size and go for bigger earrings and stones. On the other hand, if this is not your cup of tea, then you can simply take it out and let your ears heal on their own.

Tie Bars

Tie bars can be paired with cufflinks to get a fashionable and functional look. These bars help in keeping your tie in place and give a sense of elegance and style. Also, these jewelry pieces have a very subtle look, and so if you are not a person who likes risks, these tie bars are ideal for you. With them, you can add a minimalistic depth to your outfit and give a stylish look to a basic-looking tie. However, when wearing a tie bar, make sure you place it right; these bars go between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt and should be as wide as one-half of your tie. 


The thought process of “men who wear jewelry are not men” has changed, and there is no such thing as jewelry for women only. Nowadays, every piece of jewelry can be styled by men, but only if they are willing and confident enough to do so. If you are wearing jewelry for the first time, then start out slowly; opt for pieces such as rings, watches, and cufflinks first since they are easy to style, and then take it up a notch with chains, bracelets, and earrings. Remember, you can pull off any look if you want to.

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