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How to Design Display Ads for Your PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

Have you been thinking about rolling out a PPC campaign lately? PPC campaigns are great for boosting views, raising brand recognition, and expanding market presence. They allow you to develop and make sure people remember your company well.

With that said, creating a PPC campaign requires taking several steps, from using a design tool with the background remover online feature to coming up with a compelling text. And while it might seem that a PPC campaign is too demanding, its outcomes are hard to ignore.

So, how does one design display ads for the campaign? The following tips will help you with that task.

What is a PPC campaign?

It would be reasonable to define the terms in the first place. PPC stands for pay-per-click, which focuses on driving traffic from one web page to another. Now, the great thing about these PPC campaigns is that they’re cost-effective and easy to launch. Large corporations run multiple PPC campaigns, as they are easy to manage and bring about excellent results. If you aren’t well aware of the main principles of PPC campaigns, you may want to learn more about them before rolling out the ad campaign.

Play with semiotics

There is no need to delve deep into semiotics, learn its fundamentals, and read thousands of pages with theory. What is way more important is to know that semiotics is the study of signs. It involves learning what the person creating the sign intends to convey, how they try to deliver the message, and how the receiver perceives the sign.

Although you’re an author of the sign, it’s not your role only. You should also analyze whether people will understand your ads and their content. Therefore, think twice about the text and visual part of the ad. These two elements are pivotal in motivating people to click on ads and visit your website.

Include Call to Action

Whether you create ads for a PPC or any other campaign, including a CTA button is a must most of the time. Not only does it nudge viewers to click on the ad, but it also contains a clear message as to what they will get in the long run. Say you offer social media marketing services. In that case, your CTA buttons can provide various information, e.g., they can include phrases like “Boost your brand awareness in two

clicks,” “Double your profits today,” or “Multiply your followers now.”

Design several displays and test them

Designing several displays and testing them (not to be confused with diversifying display ads, as will be further on) will allow you to find golden mean and secure positive numbers in traffic. Needless to say, people’s preferences vary, so it’s crucial to appeal to as many users as possible at once. Having various displays will help you choose the best variant and tailor it to the public’s choices.

Design several displays and test them

Go with the classics

Sometimes, it’s best to refrain from sophisticated design and stick to simple colors. This way, people who stumble upon your ads won’t be overwhelmed with a color palette, visuals, and information included in ads. The most practical way to secure such simplicity is to employ white color and frame ads.

Diversify your display ads

While creating numerous templates and examining them is vital, assorting ads and making sure they fit every page is equally important. In other words, try to come up with different ad sizes, like large rectangle, large mobile, leaderboard, etc. This diversity will help you achieve more impressions, thus increasing web traffic.

Be convincing and clear

It’s essential to answer why people have to click on an ad and visit your page. And this answer must be included in ads. Is free shipping in play? Say that aloud! It will attract more people. Whatever you have and others don’t – don’t shy away from pointing that out. Low prices, discounts, free trials, you name it: just add them to every ad.

Gravitate toward simplicity

Seeing today’s PPC ads, you may indeed want to create something unorthodox. Even though such visual-laden campaigns often reach impressive numbers, they are costly and demanding. You don’t necessarily need to funnel plenty of resources into PPC ads. Straightforward advertisements have always been efficient and profitable.

Choose the right font

There is nothing wrong with designing a unique font. In fact, the font endows your brand with an exclusive style, making your company original. It’d be best to create a simple and easily readable font. Stay away from cursive, too bold, and too thin fonts, as they will do you no good.

Choose the right font

Insert compelling images

Visuals are part and parcel of every successful ad, making ads convincing, visually appealing, and information-packed. If you need to include a visual–be it a picture, photo, or any other item–be sure it has the right size, color, and meaning.

Make the offer urgent

People tend to procrastinate, which is also the case with clicking on ads. Users may run into your ads, but it won’t do a thing if they don’t click on ads immediately. To spark their enthusiasm, make an offer limited in time or products.


PPC campaigns effectively increase the web page’s visits, thus improving sales and awareness. And although such ads are affordable, they demand thoughtful and meticulous preparation. Provided are just a few tips for designing a good PPC ad, so remember to apply them when creating an ad campaign to achieve your goals.

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