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How to Check Your Driving Record Online

Driving Record Online

Many people don’t realize that your driving record affects more than just your future driving. From car insurance to life insurance, many insurance companies will check your driving record to ensure that you are as safe as possible while on the roads from car insurance to life insurance.

Did you know that you can actually check your driving record yourself in just a few steps? Most people don’t realize it is an option. 

Learning how to check your driving record online can give you a heads up about what these companies will see. Knowing what will show up on your record can help you shop smart when choosing between policies.

What’s on a Driving Record?

First off, it’s important to know what information is typically included in your driving record. The information can vary from state to state depending on the exact report type, but a few things are usually listed on the record.

These details include:

  • Basic identifying information (name, sex, age, address, etc.)
  • License number and status
  • Any points, fines, DUIs, or suspensions
  • Any traffic violations
  • Any driving-related convictions
  • Accidents

Driving records focus solely on what you have done while on the road. For this reason, your driving record will not include violations or criminal history information that is not directly related to driving.

Three Ways to Check Your Driving Record Online

There are a few different ways to access your driving record online. Depending on the type of information you want to see and what appeals to you most, you can choose which method you want to use.

#1: State Website

The most straightforward way to see your driving record is usually to go to your state’s department of licensing website. Find this page by searching your state’s name and “department of licensing.” In some states, this department may have a slightly different name. For example, Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation handles driving records and licensing.

Search the site to find information about how to get your driving record. Most states will allow you to see an online version of your driving record by following a few simple steps. However, there are a few states that will require you to visit a DMV office in person. Those who need a certified copy of their records will likely need to go into a DMV office.

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#2: Try an Independent Website

A few third-party websites, such as, provide a copy of driving records for a small fee. These are not certified records as they are mainly collected from public databases, and the website is not operated by any type of government agency.

However, there are a wide variety of report types and delivery methods to choose from on these types of sites, and the sites are usually very user-friendly. Some people prefer to pay for this straightforward service rather than trying to find and navigate a state webpage.

Remember, however, that there are limitations to what this service can provide, and you should always make sure that you are using a reliable website. Never enter sensitive personal information on a webpage that you are not positive you can trust.

Checking Your Driving Record for Free

You’re probably asking yourself this: can I check my driving record free online?

Ultimately, the answer to that question depends on what kind of information you want to see and what state you live in. While many states have a record system that can be accessed online as explained above, some states require you to pay a small fee to cover the administrative support costs or delivery costs.

If you cannot afford to check your driving record but feel this information would be valuable to you, don’t let that stop you. Connect with local support agencies that reimburse individuals for things like court fees, administrative fees, and other costs that disproportionately hamper some individuals. Your local library should be able to help you connect with these types of programs.

Checking Your Car VIN Online

Something else that drivers can benefit from learning how to do online is search VIN numbers. Buying a used car is often preferred to a new car, but it can be hard to know the history of the vehicle. By searching a VIN number online, you can find out the vehicle’s history.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau provides basic VIN lookup information that allows you to see some information about the car in question. There are no major privacy concerns in sharing or entering a VIN number online since it is not confidential information, so you can do this without any major worries. 

While we’re talking about VIN numbers, another thing that you might want to learn how to do is to check insurance rates with VIN numbers online. Some insurance carriers will consider the history of the vehicle in addition to your driving history when quoting insurance rates. Because of this, it can be wise to get an idea of what a company would charge on a particular VIN number before you decide on a used car purchase. how many points is a speeding ticket.

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