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Incredibly Useful Home Organization And Decluttering Hacks By Lifewit

Home Organization

The best of us have had to rent a storage at some point in our lives only to find that we hardly make any visits to the storage while the home looks as cluttered as ever. Many a time the very things causing the clutter are daily use things.

Thankfully, simple actions and inexpensive solutions can take away half the clutter so you can enjoy the neat look. Not only does decluttering help clear out the mess, but it can also make everything more organized and easier to find when needed.

Home organization is an art, and for everyone looking for decluttering hacks, you are in the right place. We’ll guide you through some of the top life hacks when it comes to the home organization so you can enjoy more space without sending your valuables to external storage space.

Best Decluttering Hacks

Which space in your home feels the most cluttered? For most of us, it is the clothing and apparel which always seems to find them onto tabletops or chairs. Here are the top tips that will help you get the most out of your storage spaces and keep the clutter away.

Invest in Drawer Organizers 

Drawer organizers are a great way of getting clean tabletops and organizing things in the drawer where they belong. Even the top furniture manufacturers don’t include drawer organizers in their absurdly huge drawers.
A drawer organizer can go a long way in ensuring that your valuables stay in their intended spaces. Be it intimates or your favorite pair of socks Lifewit Drawer Underwear Organizer can help divide your drawer space into 4 useful sections.

Invest in Drawer Organizers
Invest in Drawer Organizers 2 

You can use each section for storing your valuables and making the whole drawer neater and more useful.

The Lifewit solution helps to be clean and organized as it comes with predefined spaces that can be used for socks, bra sets, panties, and countless other things.

DIY Drawer Organizers

Not a fan of pre-defined spaces? The Lifewit 25 PCS Drawer Organizer Set brings an innovative solution that gives you more control over how you can arrange your drawer in a productive manner.

Drawer organizer sets are an excellent way of running the show on your terms and allow you to get more productive with more spaces than just the drawers. You can try different variations or use all the pieces in one cupboard if that helps you in organizing.

DIY Drawer Organizers
DIY Drawer Organizers Before After

Invest in Storage Bags

Still finding it difficult to free up space taken by seldom-used bedding? You can’t store huge bedding and comforters in small drawers but not storing them in an appropriate way can make another space look absurdly messy.

Large Capacity Clothes Storage bags are an excellent solution to all such problems and can help you be more organized while also keeping the clothing/bedding out of the way.

You don’t have to fill up the clothes storage bags completely, these can conveniently be stored under the bed or in the store until you need the goods again. The Lifewit Large Capacity Storage bags are one of a kind as they are offered in packs of 3 that make them worth the money at a discount.

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If you have a big closet or have a walk-in wardrobe that can accommodate the large capacity bags, they can prove even more excellent as you can free up some much-needed space effortlessly.

Be it towels, unused bedding, comforters, blankets, or just out-of-season clothes, you can use your large capacity for a ton of uses.

Invest in Storage Bags
Invest in Storage Bags 2

Invest in Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are an excellent way of making sure that the floor area looks as organized as possible. You can stow away the shoes into innovative shoe boxes that take up as little space as possible while also helping you keep the unsightly shoes out of the way.

Get a Filing Cabinet

Do you work a lot with papers? Open papers and unorganized data can make a tabletop feel unnecessarily crowded and bland. A proper filing cabinet will allow you to solve this problem within minutes as you can store each file depending on the information they offer.

Moreover, you can store files that you don’t need that often for a cleaner and neater table top.

While there are a ton of life hacks and organization tips that you can put to use to make your space feel less cluttered and more organized, we have discussed the top ones that will help remove the clutter from the shelfs and stow it into its rightful place.


Little adjustments to your daily life and putting things back to its rightful position after use can help you get the most out of it as it has been scientifically proven that a decluttered space can help with feeling more productive and staying positive.

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