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5 Popular Home Improvement Projects Taking Over 2023

Home Improvement Projects

Despite the pandemic, the home remodeling market has witnessed continued expansion. Per a report shared by the JCHS of Harvard University, the home improvement market reached $221 billion in 2021 and is still growing. This staggering figure portrays the rising number of homeowners opting for home remodeling and repair projects.

While the pandemic caused a boom in the house remodeling industry, most homeowners are now undertaking such projects for different reasons. For instance, people are looking for more space for remote learning and working from home. Similarly, some energy-efficient remodeling projects can lead to significant cost savings if you live in a humid and warm climate like Tampa, Florida.

Not only this, but residents in Tampa, as they live in coastal areas, face the potential impacts of tropical storms and hurricanes. Thus, as per the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the past damages related to hurricanes have made it crucial for residents to consider remodeling projects to prioritize storm preparedness.

If you, too, have a reason to start a home remodel project, read on. Below, we will discuss five popular home improvement projects in 2023 that will help you boost your home’s resale value while sticking to your budget and style preferences.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Freshen Up Your Bathroom

One of the biggest, most popular trends this year is to add form and functionality to spaces like bathrooms. It means adding features like vanity lighting, custom-led mirrors, or tub-to-shower conversion. But do you know that bathroom remodeling can lead to more benefits than just functionality?

So, discuss your remodeling project with a professional bathroom remodeling company in Tampa to gain more insights. You will know that bathroom renovations offer high ROI, often recouping up to 80% project’s cost upon resale. That’s because there’s significant growth in the real estate market and a year-over-year increase in property values in Tampa.

Make the most of your bathroom – a place of escape – by upgrading it and following nature-inspired trends like incorporating tactile textures like natural woods and stone with leafy green hues. You can also add more colorful yet monochromatic gradients in metal to get a more dynamic but calming feel, let alone integrate colorful lights in the shower to create a sensory experience.

2. Mesh Outdoor-Indoor Spaces

Bringing the outdoors inside and vice versa is another popular trend in 2023. After spending much time inside during the pandemic, homeowners are looking for ways to bring nature and the outdoors into their homes. Thus, in 2023, most home designs are now incorporating large-scale windows. People are replacing their single doors with double doors to get a better view of the exterior from the inside and let in more natural light with large banks of windows.

Moreover, installing retractable screen doors with large openings is another growing trend. These doors are customizable and connect nicely to the outdoors without allowing bugs and leaves inside. Similarly, homeowners are now incorporating large patio spaces with stacking or oversized patio doors as one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors into their living space or home.

3. Multifunctional Islands And Rooms

There’s no doubt that kitchen islands have been around for years. However, now these fixtures do way more than add a few feet of counter space. For instance, homeowners are smartly using islands and saving kitchen space by installing their sinks, dishwashers, and trash pullouts in islands, leaving enough room throughout the kitchen to perform other tasks.

Also, an island is now considered a gathering spot for everyone. So, the latest trend in 2023 is to use the island as a large seating area where everyone can gather and spend time. Similarly, no matter how big your house is, there’s never enough space for everyone. That’s where multifunctional rooms come in. Today, families need a space for spontaneous Zoom meetings, remote working, or homeschooling without tripping over each other.

Thus, multifunctional rooms or dual-use spaces allow for unwinding and relaxation. Think chairs in bedrooms, couches in home offices, and extra seating in the kitchen; all of this allows family members to converse while preparing for the day or cooking together.

4. Open-Concept Floor Plans

The famous open-concept floor plan is another popular home renovation trend expected to continue through 2023. The floor plan is about connecting two or even more rooms without partitions or walls. This connection helps create a large open space. There are many reasons why open-floor plans are still popular.

First, they make a home feel way more open and spacious. Second, they help make moving from one space or room to another easier, allowing better traffic flow. Third, they encourage airflow and natural light, making a home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Lastly, an open-concept floor is easy to customize and suits every family’s needs.

Therefore, if you want to update the overall look of your home or add more gathering space for people in your house, an open-concept floor plan is the perfect solution.

5. Sustainable Design And Features

To contribute to combating climate change and supporting the environment, investing in various eco-friendly home renovations is a growing trend this year. Also, it helps add more sustainable designs to our homes.

For instance, you can save a lot of energy by switching to LED lights in your house, getting low-flow toilets, and using water-saving fixtures. Moreover, as stated earlier, you may install big windows to allow natural light and help heat the house during winter and save electricity. Similarly, homeowners are now choosing more sustainable furniture options and recycling throughout their homes.

Thus, one of the great ways to improve your home’s appearance while reducing strain on the environment is to use solar panels, sustainable materials, and energy-efficient appliances. It’ll not only help in updating your home but also increase its value over the years.


Trends come and go. While one trend may be popular today, the following year may not be the same. Therefore, regardless of the renovation trends taking over 2023, it is important to prioritize projects that make the most sense for your home and family.

So, use the abovementioned trends as motivation but feel free to modify creatively. Also, before you embark on your renovation project, always consider your family’s lifestyle, budget, and unique needs. Some features will be more valued than others when you sell your home. But the smartest and happiest homeowners are the ones who renovate their homes based on exactly how they want to live in them.

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