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7 Healthcare Majors That Offer Great Value

Healthcare Majors

Do you want to contribute to peoples’ lives while gaining financial independence simultaneously? Are you on the lookout for a lucrative healthcare career? Are you confused about which field to opt for among the diverse range of jobs offered in healthcare? If you nodded affirmatively, you are not alone; we are here to help. 

Healthcare is progressing by the day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 18% in the next ten years. This means you can find several jobs according to your personality, choices, the population you want to work with, settings you prefer, and more. Even if you don’t want to take the daring plunge into medical school, you can find many alternatives that offer high value. This diversity of jobs provides a great means for people to make an impact in the lives of others in their preferred roles. Besides being a doctor or a surgeon, there are many ways to help patients while getting paid handsomely. 

Keep reading if you are interested to know which majors in healthcare help you earn a decent salary and achieve your career goals alongside. 

Public Health

Public health professionals work to improve the physical and mental health of people living in communities. You can become a public health professional in as few as 14 months and online. By pursuing an online public health degree, you can enter many in-demand roles like a public health educator, community health advisor, and more. Moreover, you can earn up to $86,695 annually.

If you are interested in analyzing public health issues, preventing and managing chronic diseases, or developing programs, consider this line of work. 

Nurse Practitioner

If you want to take on a role that resembles a physician’s work, you may consider becoming a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are like physicians, but they differ in the range of knowledge, training, and salaries. As a nurse practitioner, you can take patients’ histories, carry out physical exams, order lab examinations, analyze results, and prescribe medication. Moreover, nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses with additional education who can specialize in different patient populations like children, older adults, etc.

On top of that, nurse practitioners earn a six-figure income of $115,598 annually. Thus, if you want such a career path, obtain your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing and then get advanced training to become a DNP. 

Physician Assistant

As the name indicates, physician assistants work under the supervision of physicians, but can work more independently in some states and rural areas. They are responsible for examining patients and ordering lab tests. Thus, they can diagnose and treat illnesses through medication. You need a masters in physician assistant studies and extensive clinical experience to become eligible for a median salary of $100,534 annually.

Physician assistants get educated in various areas like ethics, management, administration, clinical history, lab analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of patients. During the clinical experience, professionals also improve their communication skills and learn to be compassionate and empathetic. If you are interested in medicine and working as a physician, take a detour and become a physician assistant. 

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Healthcare Administration And Management

Healthcare administration is one of the most lucrative healthcare majors that you can go for. Healthcare runs like a business, and the professionals that keep the facilities within this system running smoothly, are none other than healthcare administrators. These professionals are specialized in planning and financial management, public relations, policy-making, human relations, and healthcare laws and regulations.

Healthcare managers earn a decent salary of $73,644 annually. Thus, if you are more into planning, organizing, and management and want a lucrative healthcare career, consider becoming a healthcare manager. This way, you will be able to achieve your career goals and make a killing in no time. 


Pharmacists are professionals who verify the doctor’s prescriptions and determine whether the amount suggested by the doctor is safe for the patient. Yes, you guessed right! Pharmacists dispense medications to the patients according to the doctor’s prescription. Pharmacists also teach patients how to take their medicines properly to ensure they don’t experience side effects.

Pharmacists also perform other tasks like giving immunizations, carrying out wellness screenings, and raising awareness on how to live healthier lives. Most pharmacists work in pharmacies but may also work in hospitals, grocery stores, and merchandise stores. By becoming a pharmacist, you can earn up to $143,520 annually. 

Clinical Research Coordinator

The medical field is growing by the day, which is likely to increase the demand for research coordinators. Why? Because healthcare relies on evidence-based practices. These professionals work under a research supervisor to support, coordinate, and conduct clinical research trials. In other words, a clinical research coordinator works to ensure a research study’s successful planning and execution. These individuals are taught well in areas like the basics of research, pharmacology, medical terminology, research design, ethics, and rules and regulations to conduct research.

As a research coordinator, you can earn a decent keep of about $51,798 annually. Moreover, to secure a job as a research coordinator, the minimum education required is a bachelor’s in a medical-related field such as medical technology. 

Geriatric Nursing

This major is included in our list due to its high educational affordability and the excellent job prospects it offers students. According to the US Census, the elderly population will double by 2060. This means that nurses specializing in senior care will be in high demand. Moreover, these professionals can earn a decent salary of $78,904.

All you need to do to become a geriatric nurse is become a registered nurse and earn a gerontological nursing certification. These nurses provide primary care to older patients and carry out health assessments, including physical exams and monitoring patients’ health status regularly. They also work as patient advocates to guide the families about their loved one’s health, needs, and wishes.


Healthcare is a rapidly progressing industry that provides students with a diverse range of healthcare majors with high earning potential. If you are after a lucrative healthcare career, you can explore the various options available and opt for the one that matches your needs. This article mentions a few careers with a high earning potential to help you choose. These include adult-gerontology, clinical research coordinator, public health, nurse practitioner, healthcare administration, pharmacist, etc. All these fields offer not only excellent career prospects but also handsome salaries to live a stable life.

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