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Good Nutrition for Kids – 5 Ways To Get Them Eating Healthy

Good Nutrition for Kids

It can be a daily challenge for parents. Encouraging, enticing or even demanding children to eat healthy food can be an ongoing battle for many. While it may not be so hard when kids are at the baby or toddler stage, once they reach those preschool years, that’s when things get tougher.

Naturally, young children want to eat what tastes good to them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s healthy or unhealthy, so long as it looks and tastes good. If it doesn’t taste great or it looks unappetising, they’ll generally shy away from eating it.

This article is going to be going through a few ideas on how you can get your child or children to eat food that’s nutritious and full of goodness.

#1 – Always Lead By Example

Kids like to emulate what their parents do a lot of the time and while this may not always work when it comes to getting them to eat their vegetables, for example, it’s important that parents lead by example. Kids may be young, but they aren’t stupid. If a parent is preaching about eating healthy and not eating junk food and that child regularly sees their parent doing the opposite, they will be inclined to do the same.

That’s not to suggest a parent can never eat a slice of cake or whatever but if you want to over-indulge, do so discreetly. At the dinner table, make a show of eating only healthy food and enjoying those vegetables.

#2 – Keep Stocks of Junk Food and Snacks To a Minimum

It will make the task more difficult if the pantry is loaded up with unhealthy snacks and other forms of junk food. If you keep this to a bare minimum and use snacks sparingly as a special treat, kids will have no choice but to snack on something more healthy. Place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen bench or dining table, somewhere prominent where children will constantly see it or pass by it. They’ll be more inclined to eat something that’s in plain sight rather than junk food hidden away high up in the pantry somewhere.

#3 – Healthy Food Can Look and Taste Good

As kids generally like to eat stuff that looks and tastes good, nutritious meals can be prepared that achieve both of those objectives. A quick search online will offer up plenty of cool ideas of how to prepare healthy meals that young children love to eat.

For example, a lot of kids like eating pasta or spaghetti dishes, generally with sauce and a little meat. The advantage of saucy dishes like this is it’s quite easy to sneak a few vegetables into the mix without kids even realising it. Whatever you add, just chop it up small so it’s less noticeable and not likely to be detected. With a dish like this, kids are still eating something they always enjoy but more goodness has been added to the mix.

Of course, the spaghetti and pasta idea is just one example out of dozens or hundreds you could potentially come up with.

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#4 – Talk To Your Child Regularly About Good Nutrition

Humans are creatures of habit and repetition is what generally creates a habit. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to convincing your children to eat nutritious food and drink healthy drinks.

Regularly talk about nutrition, what’s good for them and what’s not. Rather than simply stating something is good or bad, make a point of explaining why. Preferably, rather than just focusing on why certain foods are unhealthy, explain the benefits they will get out of eating well.

#5 – Enrol Your Child In An Early Education Centre

Early education centres place an emphasis on teaching children all about good nutrition. You can search for centres near you online. As an example, “Concord preschool” or “early education centres near me” and so on. Some centres even have the kids growing, harvesting and eating their own vegetables. On-site chefs prepare delicious meals full of goodness.

If you enrol your child in an early learning centre, they’ll discover the benefits of healthy eating and learn so many other important life skills as well.

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