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Do you feel it’s time to liven up your home and give it a more updated look? Then the dining room is the perfect place to start. Has it been fifteen years or more since you purchased your last dining room set? Are you tired of seeing the scratches and gauges on the table? Are the chairs wobbly and unsteady?

Then you’ve come to the right conclusion; it’s time to buy a new dining set for your home. Since it’s been a while, you may not know what’s out there. But there are some basic rules you need to follow no matter what style you settle on purchasing.

Always consider the activities that will take place at or around the table. This is essential to the size, shape, and materials you should consider for your home. Let’s start with your entertainment needs.

Do you entertain often or rarely? If you do a lot of entertaining at home, then you’ll need a table to accommodate everyone. How many people usually come over when you host guests? Make sure you have enough seating for your household members and visitors. 

This could mean purchasing an extendable table. That would ensure there is enough room for everyone to have a seat. It’s also a great option if you don’t often entertain; that way, you can save space when it’s just you and your family. 

You’ll need a table that is wide enough to hold place settings and serve dishes when you have people over to your home. You’ll also want them to move to and away from the table with ease, so when you’re taking measurements, be sure to leave enough room for chairs to be pulled out.

What’s the best-shaped table for your guests? Round tables encourage a conversation between everyone that’s seated. Larger square tables that seat two people on each side will also have the same effect. Rectangular and long oval tables tend to have the opposite effect as the people sitting on different ends often cannot hear what’s being said, so they hold conversations with those closest to them. 

When you’re not entertaining, how else will the space be used? Do you have children that need to get their homework done? Then you’ll want a table with a smooth surface for any hand-written assignments. If most of their work is done on a school computer, then the tabletop surface may not be as important as the comfort level of the seating.

You can find dining room sets with upholstered seating at deeply discounted prices on 1StopBedrooms. If they will be sitting for long periods of time, you don’t want the seat to be uncomfortable as that will only make them fidgety. With children, leather or faux leather upholstery options are best since they’re easiest to clean. You’ll need this feature if your kids also use the dining room table for their special art or science projects. 

Do you work from home? Then you may decide to use the dining room as your office space during the day. Make sure your chairs have adequate back support and armrests. You’ll also probably do better with a rectangular table as the longer side will give you enough room for your laptop and any files and reports you need to keep handy. 

When it comes to style since you’re looking to update the look, choosing something modern can be challenging. You want a dining set that won’t look outdated in three years, and trends seem to change quickly. So start with pleasing your personal tastes because you will have to look at that set every day and be happy with what you see. 

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As you browse through the modern sets, think about the materials and colors you like and continue working from there. What kind of ambiance do you want the space to have? Should it feel casual or formal? Do you want ornate pieces, or is the style you’re going for more simplistic? 

Let the answers to these questions guide your decision-making process. If you’re still not sure of the style that will work best in your space, feel free to reach out to a design specialist. These professionals are standing by to give you a free consultation and answer any questions about décor and features the dining set offers. 

They are non-commissioned, so you can be assured that they are not directing you to sets that will earn them extra money. Instead, their recommendations are based on the information you provide and the knowledge they have as a designer. 

So visit the site today and use the convenient filter to find the updated dining set you’re looking for. Set your price range, and browse the numerous quality dining table sets available today.

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