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As an Adoring Wife, Here Are Some Gift Ideas for Your Golf-Obsessed Spouse


It’s not easy to pick out a gift for a golfer most of the time. After all, golf-obsessed folks are meticulous about collecting the best equipment. But, there’s always room for creativity in the world of golf gift-giving.

Looking for cool golf gifts online can be a time-consuming process if you don’t know where to begin. So, here are some golf gift ideas for him you can use as a starting point.

A Golf Flask

A Golf Flask

A golf flask isn’t the first gift that comes to most people’s minds when they think of golf gifts for men. Often, people choose gifts of equipment and golfing tools. But, a flask can be a cool gift for golfers that enjoy sipping on the go.

If your spouse is among these golfers, you’re in luck. Several flasks are available for golfers wishing to quench their thirst on-course. A flask is a unique accessory that makes golfing an interesting experience.

There are a few things you’d need to consider before buying a hip flask, though. One, you should consider the size of the flask your spouse would like. Depending on where they like to place the flask while traveling, they’ll have several options.

A popular option is to place the flask in the pocket of a golf bag. Placing it here will avoid spillage. Also, this placement option ensures a golfer has easy access to a drink whenever they need one.

The convenience factor is among the reasons flasks are one of the best golf gifts. You can buy them in different materials, shapes, and sizes.

Nowadays, you can even buy flasks made out of recycled materials. So, if you’re looking for a gift, golfing flasks are great. For unique golfing gifts, consider buying a flask with an interesting shape.

For instance, one that’s shaped like a golf ball or features golfing equipment on it. Remember to choose a flask that has a belt loop attached to it. These loops are important because they allow users to attach the flask to a golfing bag.

Often, the material used in flask holders is leather. Since this won’t appeal to everyone, other options like faux leather are available.

A Golf Ball-Shaped Decanter

A Golf Ball-Shaped Decanter

Another unusual gift for golfers are glass decanters. These decanters are growing in popularity in the golf gift-giving world. Decanters are among the most sophisticated gifts you can give your spouse.

It’s a misconception that golf-related gifts should only include clubs, balls, and bags. Gifts like decanters and flasks are popular golf Christmas gifts because they’re classy.

Looking for golf-themed decanters online led us to some unique creations. We found ball-shaped decanter sets, glass trays, and more. In other words, the decanters available online aren’t simple by any stretch.

Online companies like The Wine Savant and Stylish Whisky offer you sleek decanters. If your spouse prefers mixing golf outings with social interaction, this is an ideal gift.

Golf decanter sets often come with features like oak wooden stands and metal accents.

Golf Towels

Golf Towels

Golf towels might be a basic gift, but they’re among the most useful. After all, who doesn’t need them following a long and hard golfing session? Despite what you may believe, towels are basic but by no means boring.

Several towels available today feature golf motifs and unique designs. These quirky designs make towels fun golf fits for users of all ages. You could even pick out towels with cartoons on them to present them to your spouse for a laugh.

The best golfer towels online are from companies like Greens Towel and American Golf. These companies offer you microfiber towels that are soft and durable. Your spouse can use them to clean golf balls, clubs, and even sunglasses.

In other words, towels are among the most versatile presents you can give a golf-crazy spouse. Besides, since they consist of microfiber, the best golf towels are light. So, they won’t add too much weight to your spouse’s golf kit.

Microfiber towels offer high absorption too. This feature makes them suitable for sunny golfing expeditions.

Also, for a personalized golf kit for him, you could consider buying custom towels. Towels are a personal accessory so a personalized message won’t go amiss here. Your spouse can clip these towels into their golf bag and carry them along on long golfing trips.

Besides, a small enough towel will also fit into the groves of their golf club. So, there are many places to store towels which makes them a cool golf gift for your partner.

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A Golf Simulator

A Golf Simulator

Golf simulators are the perfect gift for golfers with large indoor spaces in their homes. These simulators are pretty costly, so if you want to save money, consider making a DIY golf simulator.

A run-of-the-mill simulator will cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000. But, you can build one for less than a thousand dollars. Sure, making one yourself is time-consuming and requires great effort. But, it’ll make a fabulous personalized golf gift for your spouse.

Before making a simulator, you should consider several factors. These factors include the size of the room, your budget, and other factors. Bearing these factors in mind will help you craft the perfect golf simulator at home.

You could use an infra-red-based system or a launch monitor. The infra-red-based system is cheaper and easier to assemble. But, systems with launch monitors are the best home golf simulators.

A practice golf mat is another expense to consider while assembling a simulator. It would be a good idea to opt for a mat that’s durable and easy on the wrists. If you consider these factors, your spouse will enjoy using their indoor simulator.


When you choose the best gifts for your golf-obsessed spouse, consider budgetary constraints. Gifts for golfers can run into thousands of dollars if you don’t watch out. But, DIY solutions are viable if you want to add a unique touch to your gift.

For an avid golfer, anything from equipment to accessories would be a welcome present. Choosing a thoughtful gift will resonate with your spouse every time they pick up a club.

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