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5 Ways To Get A Custom Dress Shirt

Custom Dress Shirt

A well-fitted dress shirt is essential for any polished look. Off-the-rack shirts rarely fit perfectly and need more stylish details than a custom dress shirt. A custom dress shirt provides the perfect tailored fit and allows one to choose from high-quality fabrics and accents like contrasting collars or cuffs. There are several ways to procure a custom dress shirt suited to one’s needs and budget. If that’s what you were looking for, you’re in the right place.

Online Custom Dress Shirt Retailers

Online retailers allow customers to design custom dress shirts on the company’s website. One can choose fabrics, collars, cuffs, buttons, etc., and provide body measurements to have a shirt made to order. Online custom dress shirts from retailers are convenient as one can order from anywhere. There is a wide selection of styles, fabrics, and price points. The shirts are made to one’s exact measurements for the best fit. However, one cannot see or feel the fabrics in person. But as long as they have enough options and great customer service where you can make returns, your experience will be just fine!

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Local Tailors

Visiting a local tailor to have a custom dress shirt made is a traditional approach. Tailors take one’s measurements and help select suitable fabrics and a flattering style. They then cut and sew the shirt to one’s specifications. Local tailors provide an opportunity to see and feel samples of fabrics in person. One gets guidance on the best style and fit. Multiple fittings allow the tailor to make adjustments for the perfect tailored fit. Supporting local businesses also helps the community. However, visiting a tailor requires time and may only be convenient for some. Local tailors tend to be more expensive, often charging higher prices for their bespoke service. The selection of fabrics and styles may be more limited than online retailers, but a tailor can craft the best cuts and designs for your needs.

Custom Dress Shirt Subscription Services

Services offer custom dress shirt subscriptions where one pays a monthly fee to receive new custom dress shirts regularly. Customers first provide measurements and style preferences to start a subscription. Subscription services provide convenience and a steady stream of new custom dress shirts suited to one’s tastes. The monthly fees are often discounted compared to purchasing individual shirts. One can skip or cancel at any time. However, one has limited control over the specific fabrics and styles received each month. The quality may vary between shipments. Subscription fees can add up significantly over time and become expensive. One may end up with more custom dress shirts than is needed.

Department Stores With In-House Tailors

Certain high-end department stores offer custom clothing services using their in-house tailors. One can choose a ready-to-wear shirt and tailor it to their measurements for the perfect fit. Some stores also allow one to pick fabrics and design their custom dress shirt. Department stores have a wide range of shirts and fabrics to choose from in one place. Their experienced tailors can guide styles and ensure the best fit. Custom dress shirts may qualify for additional store discounts and rewards. However, custom clothing services at department stores tend to be quite expensive, especially if one is designing a shirt from scratch. Tailoring and custom fees are often marked up substantially. The quality may vary between stores and tailors. One has fewer control and customization options compared to other methods.

Custom Dress Shirt Pop-Up Shops

Some menswear brands operate temporary custom pop-up shops to offer customers the chance to design their custom dress shirts with the help of on-site stylists and tailors. Customers select their fabrics, buttons, collars, etc., and get measured for the perfect fit. Custom pop-up shops provide a unique in-person experience for designing one’s custom dress shirt. There is guidance from industry stylists and tailors available on-the-spot. The brand curates all the fabrics and options, making the results stylish and high-quality. However, custom pop-up shops are temporary, typically only for a few days. One must visit during the short period, which may not suit everyone’s schedule. The options are more limited to the brand’s fabrics and styles than other methods. Custom dress shirts from pop-up shops are expensive due to their exclusive nature.


In summary, while there are many approaches to procuring a custom dress shirt, visiting a local tailor or trusted online store provides the most comprehensive experience. For those on a budget or needing greater convenience, online custom shirt retailers and subscription services are viable alternatives. No matter the chosen method, a custom dress shirt that fits well and makes one feel confident is worth the investment. When it comes to dress shirts, customization is key.

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