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What You Need To Know About Polo Shirts

Need To Know About Polo Shirts

A polo shirt tends to be a versatile shirt that a man can have. It is a perfect summer shirt to wear. However, you need to choose one carefully by keeping its material in mind. It is important to know where to buy the shirt from as well. A gentleman must have at least some polo shirts that they can wear to different places. It can be worn as sporting attire or even as leisurewear. They can be paired well with different wardrobe items like chinos, shorts, etc. You will see men wearing these on golf courses, beaches, around the town, etc. 

Despite a polo shirt is a necessity, it can be tough getting the correct cut, fabric, as well as combinations. The following aims to let you know about polo shirts. 

What is a polo shirt?

These shirts were first seen in the nineteenth century. They got their name from the Indian game of polo. The shirts used to be long-sleeved ones that had buttoned-down collars. This aided them in remaining down when galloping. 

It was Rene Lacoste who redesigned the first button-down polos. This led to the present polo shirt. The collar buttons were removed. The sleeves become short as well, rather than long. The modem polo shirt became popular and now they are a must-have item for men and women. 

These can be worn for different outdoor activities such as golf. You can also wear them to a formal setting like in an office. 

If you want to wear it as a sports garment, you can choose men golf polo shirts, billiard shirts, etc. The basic hard collar ones are better for go-to-work type of outfits as well as like a formal dress code. 

Selecting the correct polo shirt

The shirt must fit your body shape as well as size. The ones that fit the body well and do not look tight are better. It should not mold the body. 

The length of the polo shirt is important as well. It should match your height. Make sure that the hem of the shirt is right below the waistband.

The shoulder width along with sleeve length is important also. The shoulder width must lie on your shoulder bone. 

Material of the shirt

The material of the shirt is very important. Select the one that you will feel comfortable in. Cotton is a high-quality and lightweight as well as breathable fabric. The ones made from cotton tend to be expensive. However, they are classic as well as formal pieces which will remain in style. 

Cotton material is not good at retaining amazing colors. It can shrink after much use as well. 

There are poly-cotton blended ones that are soft and also breathable. They are durable and simple to maintain as well. 

You can get them in other fabrics also. Make sure you know about the fabric before buying the shirt. 

Check out the different men’s polo shirts at Blazer Clothing and other stores. Buy carefully so that it will look good on you. 

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