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General Contracting Software: Top Benefits

Contracting Software

The general contracting business has been lagging in adopting new technology. A report released by McKinsey & Company in 2012 revealed that only 16% of the entire industry had embraced technology. 

However, things have changed, with close to 85% of all general contracting companies using general contracting software or planning to implement it in the future. However, this doesn’t mean that every general contracting company is embracing technology. Studies have shown that there has been a slower uptake of IT for small businesses as some general contractors and construction companies feel a bit hesitant to adopt new technology. 

Unfortunately, failing to adopt technology has its drawbacks. With that said, let’s look at the top benefits of using general contracting software. 

Top benefits of general contracting software

Helps businesses reduce mistakes and save time

The first benefit of general contracting software is that it can help reduce errors. When you use general contracting software, you enter the data into the electronic system not just once but several times a day. So when there’s a mistake in entering the data, the system will detect it at an early stage. You won’t have to do another round of data entry which will save a lot of time and money for your company in terms of effort and resources required for reentry or pre-entry checking. 

Integration with other applications 

Most general contracting companies have been using Gantt charts for their projects since they suit almost all types of general contracting businesses. However, Gantt charts have their limitations, and that’s where general contracting software comes in. When working with general contracting software, it becomes much easier to integrate your project management application with other applications such as billing and invoicing software or scheduling software. 

Improve profitability

General contractors who embrace technology can improve productivity and response times to market changes through greater visibility across the enterprise and improved responsiveness to customers. With a boost in efficiency due to better planning capabilities offered by general contractor software, you will be able to manage all your resources effectively, which will increase revenue for your company. At the same time, you can lower costs because of faster turnaround times by reducing rework and idle time for workers on site. 

Better communication with employees and partners

Using general contractor software makes it easier to communicate plans with the management team. You can send your team PDF files or upgrade access to specific project sections in real-time. It is easier to make updates in the system, which will ensure that everyone has an accurate picture of your business or project. 

Lower costs and save money

If you want to grow your business, it is important for you to embrace technology and use general contractor software. General contractor software allows you to reduce costs because you don’t need as many people as before, as the software helps bring together all your resources in a single platform. Most general contractors are not using technology due to their old age and conservative nature and learning curve associated with learning new technologies (not considering any other factors like lack of knowledge about its benefits). 

According to the contractors at AFS General Contracting, it is essential that you embrace technology and start using general contractor software or plan to do so in the future if you want to make your company more competitive in the industry. One way of knowing if your firm is doing well or not is if you are aware of the next-generation workforce and what their expectations from employers are. 

Tips for choosing a general contracting software

When looking for the right general contractor software, it is important to look at specific features offered by various products. You need to see if the product you are considering provides the following: 

Preventive and predictive maintenance capabilities

This will ensure that your company can predict future problems and prevent them from happening. It will also help save time and money, which you would otherwise spend on repairing issues related to poor infrastructure or lack of lubricants in machines.  

Mobile access

One advantage of using mobile applications is that they are multi-functional across different devices, which means that workers can use them even offline. Also, all the data entered into the system doesn’t have to be transferred later on, as everything can be done directly through the application.

Cloud computing capabilities

One aspect of modernity that most general contractors have is cloud computing because it offers benefits that you can’t get from a desktop version. This includes constant updates and the ability to access information from anywhere. 


If your general contractor software allows you to schedule various tasks for employees, this will make your job easier when planning projects since all timelines are automatically kept track of in one place. Also, it is possible to delegate specific projects with ease if the product you choose offers scheduling capabilities.

Provide real-time feedback

If the general contractor software offers a way for you to provide constructive feedback to other workers within or outside your firm, this can help promote teamwork among everyone. It will also increase job satisfaction and quality since there is constant communication about assigned tasks.

Dashboards, alerts, and reports

These are essential tools for general contractor software because they will help you give updates to team members, customers, and partners about your project or company’s progress without any trouble. You can also see how the project is doing with the help of customized graphs and charts.  

Bottom Line

The benefits of using general contractor software can improve your business processes and profitability and help you save money and resources. At the same time, it will help to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency due to improved planning capabilities that enable better responsiveness to the market.

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