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5 Advantages Of Online Learning

online learning

Technology has proved useful to humankind in a lot of ways. But the one place where it undoubtedly excelled was education. When the world was in lockdown in 2020, and all the schools, colleges were closed, it was a situation of trouble because education for students all over the globe was at stake.

That’s when online learning came into play. Students from all over the world continued with their classes just by sitting in their homes.

Lockdown was lifted but this new way of learning continues to be an important part of students’ life. Around 65% of them still want online learning in the current scenario. And why not? There are so many advantages that come with online learning of which few of them are discussed below.  

1. Flexibility

The biggest advantage online learning provides is flexibility. There are many colleges in your state or country, but there are some reputed ones whose quality of education and degree matters more than others.

Now, it is possible that the said college is very far from your home, perhaps in a different country. So, to attend that particular college you will need to shift to a totally different demography. It may sound easy here but there is a lot that goes on for carrying out something like this. Due to all these factors, many students fail to attend their dream school or college.

But demography is not a factor for online learning at all. Many colleges put up their courses online so students from all over the world can join and learn. This helps students to get access to quality education without having to move anywhere.

2. More choices

You can choose to pursue your favorite courses in the traditional system of learning too but it does not give you the comfort of pursuing another one, anytime.

For example, let’s say you are a commerce background student but you are really curious to know how AI and machine learning works. So, you contacted your college and changed your course. Now, it is a possibility that the course no longer interests you. Will the college change it again? No. Even if they will do, it will take a lot of weeks of physical and mental trouble.

But in online learning, you have the comfort to learn any course without hampering your main course of study. All you need to do is search for the basic course of any subject and enroll in it. You also get the comfort of opting out if you are no longer interested without any trouble. Sounds fun, right? It is.

3. Affordability

Compare the cost of online learning with traditional learning. In every case, you would find online classes much affordable than the traditional system. The average tuition fee for online classes depends on multiple factors, such as the university, the course or even the degree of difficulty.

If you head to, you will find a lot of online courses taught by industry experts at affordable rates. There is also the option for paying in installments, that’s the facility traditional system hardly provides.

4. Good resume build-up

It doesn’t matter if it’s online or a traditional one, a degree is a degree. Getting certified from reputed universities looks great on one resume no matter what position they stand-in. It shows you are eager to learn and upskill yourself according to modern trends and are flexible enough to excel at any job.

This is exactly the kind of candidate corporates look for. So, getting certified can definitely increase your chances at a job role or a promotion itself.

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5. Self-paced

You might have noticed in several learning platforms there is an option of self-paced learning. What does that mean? Suppose you have enrolled in a particular course in cybersecurity, but you also want to learn data science.

In that case, if you choose self-paced learning, it will give to the comfort of finishing the previous course and then going with the second course at your speed.

This feature is also very helpful for those students who are not comfortable with competitive learning. They can tick off targets according to their capabilities because eventually, the motto is to learn, not to just pass with a degree.

Over to you…

Every coin has two sides and so does online learning. Sure, there are disadvantages that come with this form of learning, one of them being a lack of observation of each student’s progress. But if the student is hard-working, this can be taken care of too.

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