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Future Fitness: Fitness Apps in the Modern World

modern fitness app

In the modern world, the use of smartphones making our work life easier. Technology makes numerous things quicker and simpler. In a matter of health and fitness, it is no exception. Applications and cell phones have become an essential part of the present games culture, and wearables are having an extraordinary effect too, increasing more every year.

There are endless advantages of fitness, you need consistency and exercise so as to stay with long day routine benefits. It is a place where technology can help. The modern fitness app will provide a virtual fitness coach or trainer for exercises and keep you motivated.

All the fitness apps enhance the growth of the development of the wearable technology industry and the advancement of the self-development. Every individual is depending on mobile applications to maintain their health with a modern fitness app. Below mentions are the best Android fitness apps and workout apps.


Runkeeper app

RunKeeper is the best free fitness apps for android tracks the runner and their exercises. From the carriage to the 5K sprinter and those structures up to a long-distance race, this GPS application brags a network of 50 million clients and is appropriate for everybody. You can construct, spare, and find new courses with GPS to keep your exercise workout encouraging.


FitnessBuilder is a modern app with various sets of exercises arranged to help you to do the workout. It has many video recordings that will guide how to do a particular exercise. The application is free and offers more than 400 exercises in 16 multi-week wellness designs just as a total body detail tracker. You have to make a record for getting to the exercise or wellness plans. The best part its free form of the application doesn’t show any advertisement. You can also go for a premium membership with better more options.

Workout Trainer

This application has a large number of free exercise and premium preparing programs that can assist you in achieving your fitness objectives. This app essentially gives you a wellness mentor who guides you through activities with sound, photograph, and video guidance. You can easily modify the levels of exercise. Workout Trainer app is ideal for individuals who need to get shape without utilizing any gym equipment.

If you like app with free preparing programs, you can also proceed to purchase PRO+ participation that carries access to more than 100 multi-week preparing programs, PRO-just exercises, propelled pulse analysis.

Daily Yoga

daily yoga app

Daily Yoga is the world’s most well-known yoga training which guides for fitness with your own yoga exercises. It has 50 yoga classes, 400+ yoga presents, HD recordings, live voice guide, and music with social network choice. Yoga meetings are accessible for the various different time periods from 5 – 70 mins.

There are different plans in this app. For beginners, there are 7 yoga plans to enhance wellness, weight reduction, quality, adaptability, unwinding, balance, feminine cycle, and so on. It also supported by Google Fit.

Runtastic Running App

Runtastic Running App

Runtastic Running App is for the individuals who need an application to follow their running workout. It checks up your running data to examine your practice workout. It is provided with sound input from the Voice Coach. You can also set your running objectives and attempt to accomplish that. This app supports Android phones and you can share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter from the Android Wear smartwatch.


MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal is of the most popular and best free fitness apps for android presently. This app will track your calories with an accessible database of more than 6,000,000 distinct nourishments. Enter what you eat and track how many calories you have taken. You can record your workouts in it. The application will help you in losing your weight, putting on weight and weight support objectives.

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