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A Handy Checklist Of Fume Cupboard Maintenance And Safety Guidelines

Fume Cupboard

Are you planning to install a fume cupboard in your laboratory? It is better to first look at its functions. Fume cupboards are installed in different laboratories to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances. However, proper management and maintenance of these cupboards are necessary. Care and safety of the fume cupboard are fundamental and must be observed regularly. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you are in the management sector. Remember that a proper understanding of the fume cupboard must stick to the maintenance and safety protocol accordingly.

 What Is A Fume Cupboard?

In the chemical and atomic laboratories, fume cupboards are placed to control exposure to offensive toxic and flammable vapor, aerosols, and gases. You require a proper ventilation system with fume cupboards in the laboratory to expose your workers to a safe working environment. These typically consist of hoods, cabinets, and other such elements. Proper air conditioning system control is necessary for neutralization filters and other devices to work appropriately. If you desire to keep the protection level high, the cupboards must be used and maintained aptly.

As a result, airflow inside the fume cupboard needs to be adequate to control airborne contaminants aptly. The size, design, and operations within the laboratory must be discussed minutely to get the best outcome.

How Can You Use The Fume Cupboard Correctly?

When installing the cupboard, avoid placing it near the doors, windows, and walkways. These may interfere with the proper operation of the ventilation system. If you do so, it will stop the airborne contaminants from spreading in the laboratory. It is thereby necessary that the cupboard is used for experiments. The fume cupboards must not be used as storage cupboards to keep science equipment. If you place chemicals and other hazardous tools inside the cupboard, it might lead to a fatal accident. Look into the different options for a ductless fume hood. It has many recent variants. You may compare the other options available in the market. Look into their features to see which one suits your requirement.

On the other hand, do avoid clutter by overcrowding the space with ovens, safety screens, and trays in a lab. Contamination may cause turbulence inside the laboratory. The impact of the turbulence can be reduced by increasing all the huge objects from the cupboard base by placing these on the blocks. All the equipment must be placed at a distance of one to three millimeters from the glass front. If you clutter the lab, it might lead to uncalled events.

Maintaining Fume Cupboards

It is a fundamental requirement to maintain fume cupboards. For this, periodic evaluation once in 14 months is mandatory. You need to follow the standards of international organizations when maintaining and recording the inspection. Going for a proper certificate from the maintenance contractor is necessary.

Fume cupboards that are not inspected regularly will not work appropriately. Over the years, the contaminants will damage the fume cupboard. As a result, a complete velocity test, reviewing the condition of the fans, the dust build-up, and ductwork, is necessary.

Treat your laboratory like a battlefield!

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