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6 Of The Best Smells to Have in Your Home

Best Smells

Have you ever wondered about the smell in your home?

Does it smell good, bad, or like nothing in particular?

If your home smells ordinary, you may want to consider that perhaps you’re too exposed to notice anything. It’s a thing, actually, and has been studied extensively.

When you consider the things you’re up against at home, such as dust, pet droppings, mold, spillages, and more, it makes sense that you could be so exposed to unpleasant odors that you barely notice them.

Now, if you’ve been working on getting your home to start smelling better, you would love our compilation of the best smells to have in your home.

1. Lavender

Lavender is a flowering plant with a distinct purple shade that makes its appearance unmistakable. The plant has been used in Asia and the Middle East for thousands of years as a food ingredient and herb.

While most people use the herb for medicinal purposes, it can also serve as an air freshener.

Lavender has a sweet, floral fragrance, strong enough to change the atmosphere in your house.

You could bring in fresh lavender flowers and put them in a vase, or you could go with products like sprays and candles.

2. Cookies

Some strong and unpleasant smells can be difficult to get rid of. Weed, for instance, can be a nightmare once it permeates your home. Veriheal shares some practical ways to eliminate such strong smells, but we think cookies should be up there too.

The smell of baked cookies is one of the sweetest and strongest. You’ve probably caught a whiff from across the streets and wondered where exactly it was coming from, right?

Well, the next time you want your home to smell good and stay that way the whole day, bake some cookies.

3. Fried Garlic

Garlic breath may be terrible, but that doesn’t take away from the delicious, spicy aroma of the herb when it’s fried or roasted.

Basically, if you love the aroma of spices, you’ll find fried garlic pleasing. It’s also powerful enough to permeate the entire home, leaving it in culinary goodness.

If you want your home to smell garlicky, perhaps to mask unsavory odors, try roasting the cloves in the oven and leave a few in every room.

4. Citrus

Many love the smell of citrus. It is sharp but not overpowering. Having the scent in your home creates a lingering sweetness that remains barely noticeable.

In your kitchen, the tangy citrus scent will be able to mask any unpleasant odor, from unwashed dishes to cooking smells.

You can get the natural citrus scent by peeling oranges or lemons or a combination of both and simmering it in oil. For a powerful potpourri scent, add vanilla or rosemary. 

A bowl of warm citrus peels in your living room will create a fragrant and cozy atmosphere. Alternatively, you could burn citrus-scented candles around your home and allow the fragrance to spread slowly.

5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has one of the most distinct smells, sharp and piney. Think of the smell of the forest in spring, when the greenery is alive. That’s what eucalyptus smells like, and bringing fresh branches into your home will make your space feel like the outdoors.

The fresh minty fragrance would be ideal for every room, including the kitchen, as it should overpower various rancid odors.

If you can’t find fresh, eucalyptus branches, sprays, candles, and even the oil will do.

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6. Cowslip

In most of Europe except the south, you’ll find a wildflower named cowslip, marked by yellow or red petals.

At first glance, the flower may seem unremarkable, but it’s one of the most prized wildflowers due to its fragrance.

If you can get your hands on freshly-picked cowslips, your home will be decked in aromatic spring fragrance for days. Cowslips are usually found in abundance in undisturbed clearings or roadside verges.

Flowers are not that common around the world, but that shouldn’t prevent you from accessing their unique scent. Cowslips are pretty popular in the perfume industry.

Sprays and candles with cowslip as the primary ingredient are widely available.

Final Thoughts

If your home doesn’t smell right despite doing the best you can, the best solution is to take care of the source of the odor, whether it’s mold or a faulty sink. Still, to counteract bad odors or have your home smelling good other than nothing at all, consider trying out sweet scents like the ones on our list.

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