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How To Find the Right Property to Build Your Custom Home On

Custom Home

Building your custom home is a huge undertaking and can be one of the most important projects that you do in your life. Among the decisions to be made will be the choice of property on which you will build your home. This is an important decision as it is the one choice that can not be changed through renovations later, and where your home is built will become its permanent location. 

Necessary considerations include:

  • The size of the lot.
  • The location of the lot.
  • The characteristics of the soil and layout of the land. 

Size of Lot

Many different areas have a different lot size that they use for the majority of the offerings. Each subdivision or area will have its own specifications and often have the lots marked out so you can see where the boundaries will be of each lot. You will need a lot that is large enough to fit the home that you want to build, as well as any yard space that you need. There are actually  architecture firms in Seattle, WA and as far as Tampa, FL that will assist you with this search. Bylaws will limit how close to the lot line anything can be built, so it is necessary to determine the area you need to build the home as well the space between the building and boundary of the lot before deciding on your new lot. 


Once you have built your custom home, it will be the location where you will live for many years, even decades. Choosing the right location is key to being happy in your new home, and it is important to consider all of the effects of the location. It is important to have access to the stores, shops, services, and any work locations that you need. If you do not have a car or drive, you will need to have public transportation or other options to access the products and services you need, including shipping and delivery. Also consider if you want to live near water, in the city, or in the countryside with quiet fields. Wherever you find to be the most relaxing and comfortable is the place to build your new home. Location will also affect taxes, whether the services such as water and power are already attached to the lot or will need to be added later, and what the neighbors are like. There may be a need to compromise between location and cost to find the right match for your home


The terrain that will surround your home is important, as it will shape where and in which direction the home will be built to face if there will be extra work to meet the correct grade requirements, which way the sun will shine on the home, and more. These are all considerations that should be made when finding the right location to build your custom home.

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