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5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces For Your Home Office

Furniture Pieces

Learn about these home office furniture pieces you need to have to boost your productivity and decrease posture pain.

The home office trend is beginning to stay in many businesses, thus enhancing the hybrid work model that varies between the traditional office and the at-home modality, and to properly succeed in your tasks and prevent your body from suffering the consequences of bad posture, awful lighting, as well as stress and anxiety most jobs cause, it is essential to invest in quality furniture for home office.

Below you can find the top 5 must-have pieces that you need to have a proper at-home office that will help you stay comfortable, motivated, and free of any pain, including investing in a quality home office desk with an ergonomic desk chair, lighting, decorations, and more.

1. Comfortable Quality Chair

Spending many hours in front of a computer or doing manual work will require a good quality chair to help your back feel comfortable and avoid possible injuries. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers were forced to work from their homes, turning kitchen counters and tables into desks, more headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and tired eyesight issues were reported.

This is why investing in quality; home office furniture is essential for your home office. Many options are available for every budget and taste that will make your office work at home more pleasant and less painful.

2. Proper Desk

Just like a good chair is highly advisable for your home office, a proper desk is the next must-have furniture piece you need to consider investing in. A height-adjustable home office desk is one of the most popular and trendy designs that have helped people with their posture and handle long hours of work without pain.

According to a study published in 2018 by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, replacing sitting with standing can help beat sedentarism and the health conditions that can cause, such as weight gain. In addition, there’s a wide variety of proper desks for your home office, including those with drawers, adjustable height, bottom shelves, and many other valuable features that will help you stay focused, productive, and comfortable.

3. Shelves Or Storage Units

One of the most important things in any office is having an organized place where you store important documents, folders, and copies, and your home office shouldn’t be the exception to this. Even if you have just a tiny corner in your room, investing in some shelves or quality storage units made of steel or any other non-degradable material (not cardboard boxes that can get damaged with time and thus compromise your files) will help you stay organized and have everything at the reach of your hands every time you need it.

The critical point is to invest in a storage unit that doesn’t take up much space; therefore, you can vary between this option and shelves to keep your space clean and accessible.

4. Good Lighting

Especially for those whose home office desk is somewhat far from natural lighting or those who work until very late at night, investing in good lighting furniture will help you complete your tasks faster and without causing eye strain. According to the Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center, “The American Optometric Association notes that Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) causes more than 10 million visits to the eye doctor annually. Of those complaints, computer eyestrain is named the most often”.

Not only desks lamps are essential, but ceiling lighting is extremely important here to prevent your eyes from getting red and tired, unable to complete the tasks you need to do. 

5. Plants & Decorations

Since you will be spending many hours at home working, decorating your space will help you stay motivated and comfortable in your office. Family pictures, vision boards, and plants are the most common decorations people choose for their at-home workspace that can make their time pass faster and smoother.

Plants have been known to keep the air clean, which is excellent; thus, you might spend most of your day indoors and help your mind ease some stress due to the visual beauty of plants.

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