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Who is Falicia Blakely? Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Son, Parents, Story & More 2023

Is Falicia Blakely still imprisoned?

Falicia Blakely| Falicia Blakely biography| Falicia Blakely career

Falicia Blakely is a serial killer, criminal, media personality, dancer, and Internet celebrity from Jacksonville, Florida. According to sources, she murdered three men when she was only 19 years old. She is currently serving a life sentence in Arrendale State Prison.

If you are looking for Falicia Blakely’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Kids, Boyfriends, and more then continue reading this article to know more information about her life.

Falicia Blakely Wikipedia (Age, Birthday, Early life)

Falicia was born on September 4th, 1984 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is an American citizen and comes from a Christian family. She is currently 38 years old as of January 2023. Aside from this, there’s no information regarding her early life.

According to sources, she moved to Atlanta when she was 13-14 years old. Furthermore, after completing primary school, she enrolled in a reputed high school for further studies. However, she dropped out of school to work and earn money.

Falicia Blakely Parents

According to Wikipedia, Falicia Blakely’s childhood was not easy as other children’s. She had a troubled childhood and was subjected to a lot of abuse because of her parents’ inappropriate behavior. Her father allegedly battled drug addiction and spent the majority of his time in prison.

Her mother, on the other hand, was emotionally distant and preoccupied with her love affairs rather than with her daughter. Her parents struggled to provide their young daughter with the best possible lifestyle. So Falicia didn’t have many positive role models while growing up.

Falicia Blakely’s Career & Profession

After being sexually abused as a child, Falicia was moved to New York to live with her grandmother. But after a few years, she returned to Atlanta, Georgia, to her mother when she was 15 years old and began her life as a pole dancer at a local nightclub while underage.

As a result, she dropped out of school in the hopes of earning enough money to move out of her mother’s house.

Falicia Blakely Boyfriend & Relationships

Falicia Blakely’s parents were too busy pampering themselves that they forget about their daughter. Throughout her life, she was subjected to abuse and phony romances. In the year 2000, while working at the club she became pregnant and the father of her child bailed on her due to him already having another relationship at the time, also the fact that she was underage, and it was illegal for him to have a child with the then 15-year-old teen.

Falicia returned to the nightclub soon after the birth of her child. After some time she met an older man named Michael Berry aka “Big Dino.” He was probably 14 to 15 years her senior. Michael Berry was a drug addict and was frequently imprisoned as a result of his bad habits.

Michael, on the other hand, gave Falicia everything she deserved. He lavished her with his love, a luxurious lifestyle, and expensive clothing. Blakely loved him so much that she would do anything to make him happy. According to the sources, the two started dating secretly. She had strong feelings for Michael Berry, who was committed to her and her child during that difficult time.

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How Falicia Blakely Became A Criminal?

Blakely struggled constantly to receive desired love and affection. As a teen single mother, it was very hard for her to raise a child. And when she met Big Dino she thought she finds her true love.

Due to her “boyfriend’s” empty promises of living happily ever after, she and her co-dancer, Ameshia Ervin, carry out his dubious acts to rob and kill people, which she was forced to do. Falicia was vulnerable to Big Dino’s manipulations.

The incident took place in the summer of 2002 when 19-year-old Falicia Blakely with a two-year-old son murdered three men in Atlanta, Georgia, in two days. Blakely was a stripper and a pole dancer in the nightclub at the time of the murders, for which she used a fake I.D.

On August 15, 2002, Blakely and her co-accused, Ameshia Ervin, were responsible for the deaths of Claudell Christmas, 35, and Raymond Goodwin, 34. And on August 16, for the death of 29-year-old Lemetrius Twitty.

Blakely and Ervin were both arrested in the restroom of Mrs. Winner’s diner while driving the car of a murdered person in 2002. They were then confronted in court and pleaded guilty to killing two people. They later admitted that their third victim, Lemetrius Twitty, was killed 12 hours after witnessing a fatal Atlanta fight.

Is Falicia Blakely still imprisoned?

Falicia, who murdered three individuals in Atlanta, Georgia, was a well-known serial killer. She was found guilty of three murders as well as multiple counts of armed robbery on the orders of her abusive boyfriend, Michael Berry aka “Big Dino.”

She is currently serving three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Meanwhile, Ameshia Ervin, her colleague, was sentenced to life in prison but was granted parole after testifying against Blakely in court.

When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story

When Love Kills, based on the book “A Treacherous Hustle,” was an incredibly powerful story inspired by a real-life incident of Falicia Blakely.

The role of Falicia was played by a talented actress called ‘Lil Mama’ and the role of Big Dino was portrayed by ‘Lance Gross’. The film was released on September 04th, 2017.

The main character and a teen mother in this story come from a disturbing family background with an unstable financial situation. When she becomes a stripper and a pole dancer at a nightclub she attracts the attention of a local pimp and predator. Falicia becomes a pawn in his dangerous games after his empty promises of a life together, and she is forced to prove her love for him at the expense of innocent lives. The film was directed by Tasha Smith.

Where is Falicia Blakely’s Son now?

Falicia Blakely became a mother at a very young age. Her surroundings were consistently turbulent due to her parents’ battles, so she didn’t have a typical childhood. As a teen single mother, it was very hard for her to raise her son.

Her son was only two-year-old when she pled guilty. She is currently serving three consecutive life sentences at Lee Arrendale State Prison in Georgia for the murder of three men at the age of 19.

Falicia’s son is currently 22 years old as of 2023. He is a talented soccer player

with a bright future. Although her child’s identity is never revealed. He currently

lives in the United States.

Furthermore, many people believed that Blakely’s story was too complicated for her son to understand at such a young age. Blakely did believe her son needed to understand why his mother was in jail and not there with him. So Falicia decided to write a book about her life and the events surrounding the murders, in which author Serenti Hall helped her. The book published in 2017 called “A Treacherous Hustle: Hitting a Lick for the love of a Pimp ” is now available for purchase. Falicia’s only child agrees with his mother about being honest with him and continues to love her.

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