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How To Know If Your Are Facing Discrimination As A Remote Worker

Facing Discrimination

There is a huge number of workers that have gone remote over the last few years and it seems like they are going to continue to work that way. One of the biggest reasons people love to work remotely is that they feel free from the drama that often occurs in the office. The reality is that there can still be plenty of discriminatory behavior even against remote employees. 

Although you may feel safe and that there is a buffer between you and the people that are acting hostile you are still not totally protected. This means that you can still feel the effects of discrimination and may need specialist employment lawyers in Kansas City even if you are working remotely. In this article, we will go over several of the signs to be on the lookout for. 

Wrongful Termination

If you are in a protected class then you can’t be fired for no reason. There has to be a justification that is valid otherwise the company is violating the law. A person in the protected class would be a minority, an LGBT member, a woman, an elderly person, or disabled among others. This is because they are often discriminated against and will often be exploited in their job. 

Even remote employees that belong to the protected class can face this kind of discrimination and be fired just for being different. For some reason, it bothers some people when there are people different from them working in the same company. 

It could happen suddenly if you got a new manager that decided to clean the house of people he didn’t like based on these types of factors. Or, you may have done something that management didn’t like that was completely innocent and they decide to use this as justification. 

Many women were let go who were working remotely during the pandemic because they needed to take care of the kids who were home in quarantine. This resulted in a lot of cases being brought before the courts since it was clearly wrongful termination. 

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Remote employees can also face retaliation if they were to make waves in the organization. For instance, if a remote worker were asked to do something unethical and they refuse, then they may find themselves being retaliated against. It could be in the form of not being promoted. Or, there may be schedule changes that are burdensome to them.

Retaliation is also not legal and is a form of discrimination. 

Sexual Harassment

Even though you may not be in the same space as your coworkers or bosses, they can still sexually harass you. If you get inappropriate messages on your phone or by email then this is just as bad as a comment made in person. 

You could be asked to respond in kind and then face retaliation or wrongful termination if you refuse to comply or attempt to report it. Don’t try to brush it off if you are remote as it can be just as devastating as if you were in person.

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