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Eco-Friendly Alternative Packaging Ideas For Your Business

Eco-Friendly Alternative Packaging

An increasing number of businesses have realized the importance of going green, starting with adopting sustainable packaging solutions. Eco-friendly alternative packaging solutions help businesses to reduce their share of waste generation and minimize their role in soil and water pollution. While many businesses are cognizant of the importance of eco-friendly packaging, they still worry about their business and market viability.

Regardless of what your product inventory entails, there are a number of compostable packaging solutions that rival conventional packaging products. They mimic plastic but easily turn into compost, making them earth-friendly and green.

 In this article, we have listed an array of eco-friendly alternative packaging products.

1. For Pre-packaged food products

If you are in the business of selling ready-to-eat food products, choosing packaging solutions that are visually attractive is important. Traditionally, businesses have used plastic-based packaging to wrap toffees, candy bars, instant noodles, and other edible products. All these pre-prepared and packaged food products can be packed in attractive compostable packaging solutions.

Some of the options include pillow bags, bar wrappers, side gusset pouches, and zipper bags. Even stand-up pouches are great for packing snacks, condiments, and certain dry food products. Lidding laminates can be used to cover punnets and trays that contain fruits, vegetables, or even prepared food items.

2. To pack food products on an as-needed basis

Not all food products can be pre-packed or sold in predetermined quantities. Grocers, supermarkets, and even mom and pop stores often need packaging solutions that can hold varying degrees of food products.

Open bags are a great option for these situations and can be used by all of the establishments mentioned herein, along with bakers, delicatessens, etc. Open bags come in various forms such as single units, wicketed open bags, and even on a reel from which they can be torn as and when needed, for quick packing. Some businesses may also use zipper bags creatively to pack foods for their customers when they are in a line, or when they place online orders.

3. For miscellaneous perishable items

If you sell flowers, gardening products, or any other non-edible but perishable items, there are many compostable options for you to choose from. In fact, there are many compostable bags that can be used to pack miscellaneous perishable items, regardless of whether they are edible or not.

Open bags are great for gently placing flowers with their stalks inside the bags. Gardening products such as seeds, organic manure, and other items can be carefully sealed in zipper bags and punnets/trays with lidding laminates.

4. For a range of non-perishable goods

Non-edible products with a long shelf life can be packed easily and in an aesthetic manner. Compostable sachets and bar wrappers can be used to pack multiple tiny and delicate products that aren’t edible.

Tiny and individual spare parts can be creatively packaged in these compostable wrappers and sachets, while pillow bags, side gusset pouches, and stand-up pouches can be used to pack a number of products that are sold in a certain quantity. Zipper bags are ideal for packing electronic items, accessories, and objects of different sizes.

5. For clothes, fashion, and accessories

Fast fashion is one of the leading causes of pollution today, both due to indiscriminate use of actual clothes, and the packaging with which they are sold and shipped. In addition, many fashion houses hesitate to adopt sustainable packaging solutions because they fear these alternative products may not align with their brand image. Thankfully, there are a number of eco-friendly packaging solutions to pack clothes and fashion accessories.

Tipa’s compostable packaging solutions such as esealable bags, zipper bags, and garment bags can all be used to pack clothes of different sizes and types. In other words, fashion can be eco-friendly and guilt-free.

Compostable packaging bags are perfect for a range of product types

Compostable packaging solutions are eco-friendly and sustainable. Most importantly, they are affordable and aesthetic and help you align your packaging style with your branding. They can be used to pack a range of edible, non-edible, and different kinds of consumer products. In addition, they can also be used to package various inanimate objects and clothes, helping you move further towards adopting sustainable and green business practices.

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