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Best Packaging Company in the US – Review

Best Packaging Company in the US

You never think of it until it’s way too late. Say you have built a great company that is selling gorilla glue from Massachusetts, USA. Your e-business and marketing strategy is on point, your website is ready, and you have successfully won your first order. But it didn’t take you too long to realize that you have no containers to ship your product. Your gorilla glue business is at the brink of failure.


Well, it needs no super-intelligence to understand that beautiful packaging always helps you pique customer’s interest the time they lay their eyes on it. High-quality packaging that’s unique and vocal about your brand and product can allow you to create an amazing unboxing experience for your customers.

Hypothetically, you always have the option to work with traditional packaging companies or printers to create your lip gloss packaging boxes. But it doesn’t seem to be a viable option unless you are looking to order a large number of packaging boxes from them. If you have just started out or are not a very established brand, this probably won’t make much sense to you.

At this point, you undertake the journey to find yourself other platforms that allow you to order than one thousand custom packaging boxes.

Packaging Republic is among the few platforms that enable businesses of all sizes to choose and customize their packages based on trendy pre-defined templates. So, companies like yours can create intriguing, original, and brandable packages for their brands.

Today, we will review this platform to discuss its top features, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses. It will help you comprehend whether the cereal box makers are the right choice for you to create bespoke packaging boxes for your business or not.

What is Packaging Republic?

The packaging firm is a startup primarily based out of Anaheim, California, USA. As the name suggests, this company helps all-size businesses to create and personalize brandable packages in various shapes, sizes, and materials using the offset printing technique.

In brief, the packaging firm is an ideal platform for drop shippers, established brands, boutiques, and online shops who like to place and sell their goods using unique, bespoke, and branded packaging boxes. Unlike e-packagers that connect you with various printing facilities to source your packages, this company has its own state-of-the-art design and production facility that tackles your packaging demands at any volume.

With fast turnaround and low minimums, the platform allows you to order tailor-made packages without any hassle. It means that now you can cost-effectively create high-end packages for your products.

The impeccable customer feedback and a huge customer base reflect that a made-to-measure packaging company deserves a detailed review of its top features.

So, without further ado, let’s explore its features ourselves.  

Top Features

One-Stop Packaging Solution for Businesses

The company’s state-of-the-art facility can bring your dream packaging to reality from start to finish. As a luxury packaging producer, the firm provides you access to a skilled manufacturing team. Starting with expert graphic designers and packaging engineers, the team closely works with the clients to understand every aspect that influences the project.

Materials, manufacturing, and sustainability help guide the design process so your product boxes can effectively convey your brand story, attract new customers, and reduce your costs. The company is of the view that packaging is an integral part of the product. Akin to product, package manufacturing involves multiple processes. It guides clients through each step, making sure that every decision allows the packaging solutions to elevate the encased products.    

Effective Resource Management in Manufacturing System

As an intercontinental expert in bespoke package manufacturing, the company has maintained a massive library of packaging materials. On top of it, the manufacturer is always on the lookout for the latest in advanced materials technology.

As a result, clients won’t have to waste their time and effort in chasing their own material vendors. They have access to a colossal library of materials, which is an excellent source to gather endless paper, textile options, and sustainable materials. Using its global network of suppliers, the cereal box maker can help you find the best materials for your project at prices that are in line with your budget.

Luxury Packaging Supplier in the US

The company operates the most advanced packaging manufacturing facility that has specialized equipment to tackle your packaging demands efficiently at any volume. As far as color consistency is concerned, the cutting-edge printing fleet produces brilliant and accurate colors every single time. The expert technicians ensure these machines run smoothly, so you won’t have to tolerate any delays, quality issues, or color imperfections.  

Quality Control Program

Throughout the course of the manufacturing process, the company ensures that every single unit meets the standards by maintaining on-site quality control programs. One of the key aspects of our quality control initiatives is a weekly audit that evaluates everything from the raw materials to the assembly line.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

If your brand is actively taking measures to save the environment using eco-friendly options that align with the core of your company’s vision, this platform has you covered.

Many of the paper-based and cardboard products in its list are recycled or sourced from recyclable items. Ordering greener packaging solutions that are an ideal substitute for plastic packaging means you can reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, you are helping customers to get rid of packaging without worrying about mother nature. In fact, you can ask them to print specific instructions on the packages about the disposal of lip gloss packaging boxes or another packaging solution.    

Customer Feedback

On the whole, the packaging firm enjoys a positive reputation as it has garnered positive feedback about the print quality.

Besides, the packaging quality of the final production files from the company’s box editor also does not vary from the quality of designs manually prepared in the graphics software by a professional graphic designer.

The higher the file quality, the better the imprint quality.

Customer Support Service       

The company’s web portal is quite matured and successfully addresses most of the queries customers have through friendly live chat support. The US-based packaging company has allocated a dedicated phone number for both existing and potential customers to make things further easier.

You can connect with one of the representatives at the firm and quickly ask questions related to packaging, quality, materials, shapes, sizes, print finish, and more. Apart from that, you can also share your packaging requirements and box dimensions to receive free quotes in a blink of an eye.

Common Questions Around Creating Tailor-Made Packaging

  • What Happens After a Vendor or Manufacturer Places their Order?

A dedicated prepress team member will review your design to make sure that it’s free from technical glitches.

  • Do they Provide a Digital Mockup of Custom Boxes before Printing?

After reviewing the design, the design team will send a digital mockup of your bespoke boxes to your email within 24 hours. In case you want to make a few changes, feel free to send a note directly to your sales representative or design team, and they will be more than happy to oblige you.      

  • What Factors Determine Pricing?

Pricing is a mix of five things: box dimensions, style, ink coverage on the packaging, material, and the number of boxes. Remember, the higher the quantity, the more savings you have. 

  • Can the Company Print inside the Packaging Boxes?

Yes! The company can print on the inside of any packaging box style. This includes lip gloss boxes, cereal packaging, mailers, tuck tops, and more.


There is no specific price plan to choose from or subscribe to.

As a customer, you are required to order a minimum of 100 units of your made-to-measure packages. Check out the product catalog to find the exact packaging that meets your requirement.

Moreover, you can avail several services for free such as add-ons, which allows keeping your packaging cost low.

It is also worth it to mention here that you will get free shipping for your order. And just like any other top packaging company, their pricing varies based on the variants and packages you choose to order.


As a full-service packaging supplier, the company has several in-built advantages. Below are some notable strengths of the firm:

  1. The company creates eco-friendly packaging items at incredibly lower pricing.
  2. It makes it easy for customers to get free quotes for their custom requirements.
  3. The company also offers to expedite service to help you receive your products fast.
  4. You can place a request for sample packages without worrying about the quantity of your order.


Though it’s a fantastic platform to source your tailor-made packaging, it has some limitations from a critical perspective.

  1. The company does not have a specific price plan that can offer additional bounties.
  2. Shipping packages anywhere outside of the US may be costly.
  3. Not all packages are carved out of sustainable packaging materials.

Wrapping Up

Effective packaging is critical to achieving business success. With solid branding and tailored packaging, not only will you be able to offer an amazing unveiling experience to your customers but also be able to promote your brand.

In general, the bespoke packaging maker is an impressive supplier and an ideal option that can cater to your personalized packaging needs. It makes it convenient for you to customize various packages that suit your brand and needs without making a huge investment.    

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