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E-Cycling Benefits: 6 Advantages Of Using An Electric Bike

E-bikes are everywhere these days. “But why?” one might wonder. Find out from this article the six benefits of riding an electric bike.

Look around you, and you’ll see plenty of people enjoying their rides and not struggling too much with breathing. Their secret? They are riding an electric bike.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, electric bikes started to grow in popularity. But, it wasn’t until a global pandemic locked people inside and showed them just how vital physical activity is for a balanced life until everybody turned their attention to these electric “vehicles”. Data shows that the pandemic has led to a boom in e-bike sales, sales growing about 145% from 2019 to 2020. And, their popularity doesn’t seem to stop from growing any time soon. Data from Statista shows that global sales of e-bikes will reach about 400 million units in 2023.

Now, why is the entire world so obsessed with electric vehicles? There are plenty of reasons for that. This article explores six advantages of riding an electric bike.

1. It’s easier to ride an e-bike

Let’s start with the obvious: riding an electric bike is a lot easier than riding a regular one. The technology you can find in e-bikes gives riders the extra oomph they need to cover miles of distance with minimal effort.

One small study published in the Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine confirms that. The study found that e-bikers burn fewer calories than conventional cyclists on the same ride. More precisely, e-bike riders burned between 344 to 422 calories per hour, while regular cyclists burned about 505 calories per hour. Now, the difference isn’t that significant in terms of fitness benefits. However, it can mean the world to an individual who has poor muscle strength.

Another study from Brigham Young University confirms that too. The study found that e-bike riders experience nearly as much exercise as those who ride mountain bikes but without feeling as if they’ve just had a difficult workout. All thanks to pedal-assist technology e-bikes have.

2. Electric bikes are eco-friendly

Just like regular bikes, electric bikes are eco-friendly and help you care for the environment. Electric bikes run on rechargeable batteries and don’t burn any fuel to function.

In other words, just like regular bikes, e-bikes don’t release any harmful gases into the atmosphere. If you care about the environment and look for ways to protect it, riding an electric bike instead of a car or other vehicle is a great way to do so. Electric bikes allow you to care for the planet without compromising too much on your comfort.

3. Your rides are more enjoyable

Between pedaling and struggling to breathe, it can be pretty challenging to make time and focus on actually enjoying the surroundings, the views, and the overall moments you find yourself in while enjoying the ride. The story is different with electric bikes.

Thanks to the battery-powered “pedal-assist” technology, electric bikes are much easier to ride, minimizing your physical challenges, and allowing you to take longer looks at your surroundings.

Electric bikes add extra comfort and ease on the trail, making your rides much more enjoyable by allowing you to be more present to what’s happening around you. This can also empower you to be safer on the streets as you can be more focused on avoiding road risks and challenges.

4. You get to your destination faster

If you’re tired of spending dozens of minutes stuck in traffic jams every morning and afternoon as you go to and return from work, an electric bike can be a game-changer commuting option for you. Another advantage of riding an electric bike is offering you a convenient commuting method that gets you to your destination faster.

If you’re living in a city, driving to work, or really anywhere you need to get, it can be a frustrating ride, filled with challenges like traffic jams, honks, and potential accidents. Using an e-bike will change this story for you. Multipurpose cycle lanes and paths are usually traffic-free, cutting down your commute time significantly.

5. Riding an electric bike boosts your mood

Riding a bike, be it electric or regular, has plenty of mental health benefits, including improved mood, better sleep, improved memory and creative thinking. So, how does an electric bike helps your mood better than a regular one? In many ways, including:

  • You’re not physically tired after riding: Since your e-bike will assist you to do the hard work, you won’t be as tired as you’d be after riding a regular bike. A good physical condition helps you have a good mood as well.
  • You’re less stressed about commuting: Using an e-bike to commute will help you get to your destinations faster and less stressed since you won’t deal with all the challenges of driving on busy streets.
  • You can choose routes closer to nature: While you may not feel confident about riding a regular bike through the park, the forest in your surroundings, or even climbing on high peaks in your area, you may gain that confidence by using an e-bike. Being closer to nature significantly improves your mood and contributes to good mental health.

6. Electric bikes empower you to achieve bigger goals

Remember that challenging cycling route you couldn’t finish because you got so tired that you couldn’t pedal anymore? Or maybe you stopped because it was getting late and dark? Either way, it can be frustrating not to achieve the goal you had in mind. These guys at can help you achieve your goal and they keep you updated with the latest in electric commuter options.

But, what if you go back and try again with a better tool that makes your challenges seem more achievable? Yes, we’re talking about an electric bike.

Thanks to the pedal-assist technology, electric bikes can help you finish tougher or longer cycling routes with significantly less effort compared to rising regular bikes. Your electric bike can also assist you in conquering hills and inclines without worrying about any terrain challenges.

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