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Duonao: Know About This Chinese Video Streaming App

Duonao: Know About This Chinese Video Streaming App

According to estimates, 520 million people in China watched user-generated live streams in 2020, up 69% from 2016. Live in China expressed a strong interest in exploring live streaming shortly.

In 2019, the total revenue of the live-streaming e-commerce industry reached 433.8 billion yuan (about R$351.3 billion) and is expected to reach 916 billion yuan (about R$742 billion) by 2020. What sets live streaming apart from other marketing methods is the direct, highly targeted, and efficient delivery of content in real-time.

Live streaming is arguably the best way for brands to communicate with Chinese audiences. The first step is to select the right platform that provides the right features, content, and branding that effectively engage your desired audience. One of the best and most popular Chinese video streaming services is Duonao. This service provides a variety of Chinese reality shows and movies in HD quality and subtitles. This application also helps to gain coupons through its user-generated content. Creative artists also use this platform to create unique products and sell them.

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Why This Application Is Popular Among Younger?

Duonao is one of the most popular websites among younger users. It is more common for people under 18 to download and upload unlawful material. The Chinese film industry may be at risk as a result of this. The growth of the UK film industry’s Chinese audience is equally crucial. This is because, within the last year, nearly half of Chinese internet users encountered pirated content. To stop this from happening, the UK government has begun to defend intellectual property rights.

Duonao Reviewers

Most Duonao reviewers are under 18, although there are older users who have never used it. Most of the reviewers are anonymous. Since they are not experienced film critics, their opinions may not be accurate. However, their opinions are still more credible than those of mainstream critics.

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