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Download Problems And Errors: 5 Ways You Can Fix Them

Download Problems And Errors

It’s evident that we can’t survive without the internet, and with each passing day, we are becoming more and more reliant on this technology. That means it is impossible to imagine our life without the internet. 

However, does it always happen smoothly when you download files from the internet? You find a file, click on the link, and the file is present on your computer within seconds. Unfortunately, no matter how fascinating it sounds, the downloading process doesn’t always happen so quickly unless, of course, you are downloading a movie from popular sites like

That’s why in this article, we will talk about some common problems you face while downloading files from the internet and how you can fix them. So keep on scrolling, and we will get there.

What Are Common Downloading Problems And Errors?

Isn’t it frustrating when you attempt to download a movie that you’ve wanted to watch for long, and the download gets stuck when it’s on the verge of getting completed? Today, we will talk about 5 such problems that most commonly haggle your downloading activities.

1: Internet Connectivity Issues

If you have a broadband connection, and you connect your computer with it through a router, your internet connection may become unstable from time to time. Especially if the weather is terrible and black clouds are brewing in the sky, your WiFi connection will likely get lost.

When your internet connection becomes unstable, it hampers your downloading speed. As a result, your download will probably not start, and even if it does, it may take much longer to complete. The download may also progress at a certain speed and fail in between, making people even more frustrated.

2: Lack of Disk Space

It is another common problem that hampers your download. For example, if your computer’s hard drive is almost full, it will obstruct your download speed. But, sometimes, even when your hard drive has enough empty space, your download may not be complete due to lack of space.

If you have fallen victim to that problem, it means your computer has stored enough cache and cookie memory, and now that is eating up your disk space. Hence, the lack of enough disk space is a standard downloading error. 

3: Your Antivirus Is Blocking The Downloads

We know all of you have an antivirus installed on your computers, but that doesn’t mean it always does a good job. For example, your antivirus is supposed to protect your system from malware threats, but if it finds a threat in every file, you’ll never be able to download any file you want. 

Your antivirus software should send you a pop-up notification when it blocks the downloads. However, it always doesn’t do that. Hence, you must check if your antivirus has blocked the downloads or not if you face this problem.

4: Background Apps Are Running

There may be some apps running in the background of your computer without your knowledge, which may cause downloading errors. Sometimes you forget to turn off all the applications on your PC and directly shut down the machine.

A regular habit of this may cause too many apps to run in the background even when you don’t open them. In addition, it consumes your free disk space and exploits your data, which doesn’t leave much room for you to download a new movie. 

5: Your Computer Screen Freezes

Has it ever happened to you when you attempted to download a file, and your screen froze? If your answer is YES, you are not alone in this crowd. A hang may be temporary, but sometimes it stops your ongoing download, and you have to start it again from the top.

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You must find solutions to your computer screen freeze issue because if it happens every time you start a download, it may indicate some deeper issues. Try to implicate some manual intervention if this is your downloading error. 

How Can You Fix These Errors?

  1. In order to fix your internet connectivity issue, you have to check your internet speed and restart your modem and router. You can also check the WiFi speed on other devices. However, if the problem doesn’t seem to resolve even after that, we suggest you connect the internet with an ethernet cable because it guarantees faster data transmission. 
  1. There are many ways you can resolve the lack of disk space issue. Start by cleaning your junk files and large files, or you can also try transferring your large files to an external hard drive. Notwithstanding, if your disk space is full due to cache memory, open your browser and clear browsing data to fix the downloading issue. 
  2. Your antivirus is supposed to scan your downloads and block those that may harm your computer. However, if you don’t want your antivirus to block the downloads, just open the Windows Defender, and under the Exclusive tab, click on the add exclusion option. Now select a folder you wish to exclude, and download all your files in that folder.
  1. When your background apps consume your internet, it hampers your downloading speed. Go to Settings, and navigate to the Background Apps option from the Privacy tab. Turn off individual apps from that section, and try downloading a file then.
  1. When your computer screen freezes whenever you start a download, try pressing the ESC key twice. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may have issues with your computer hard drive or in your disk space. Allocate a new drive, or contact a professional to solve this issue.

The Bottom Line

We have talked about 5 common downloading problems in this article, and we have also provided solutions to fix those issues. You can read this article once again and apply these solutions. Let us know in the comment box which solution worked for you and which ones didn’t. 

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